War Of Frying Pans

The war of frying pans was arguably the most stupid war to ever have occured. Taking place in Hanoan in the late 17th century, the war of frying pans was fought between parents of all ages. According to texts, the war was caused when parents disagreed about the laws on children at the time.

The Conflict


Fights broke out between groups of parents all over Hanoan, which was caused by the YPA's proposal to rewrite the laws that barred children from having social lives and stopped them from being treated like objects.   Parents were divided on their opinions on the matter, some thought that the original laws were fine and were essentially a "rite of passage", whereas other parents thought that the laws were horrific and inharmane. After continued arguments throughout parents, some began breaking out into fights between the two which caused a few fatalities.


Fights took place in some of the most unusual places. The most recorded location, and surprising, for fights was at preening salons. At preening salons people engage in unorthodox topics, and one that was continuously brought up was the possible change in laws. Since parents often came to preening salons to give themselves a break, it was a common topic that caused lots of controveresy when brought up and would end up in frequent fights.   The war was named "the war of frying pans" because the most significant fight was fought with the pans themselves. About 30 parents fought in a public park area, bringing frying pans with them as backup. The fights broke out on the ground and in the air, and many frying pans were thrown through the air which caused damage to not only people but the foliage and environment.


From the many fights, parents across the country were sent to hospitals and, oddly, burn wards from feather warmers. These brawls broke headlines across the continent which drew negative attention from other countries, which dampened the government's reputation as well as the people in the country.


While not a direct outcome of the fights, after the war the laws were officially changed. Children were allowed to leave their houses, to go to shops and buy things, to go to parks and play with friends, to play online games, things they were never allowed to do before.
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
The law was eventually changed, and children were given freedom and lives that they could live.


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