Unieterrors, scientifically called UETO's, are large alien creatures living anywhere in space except on planets. There are thousands of species, many undiscovered, and they range from the tiniest of creatures to ones hundreds of feet long. Every single species can be incredibly dangerous, most are defensive, few are generally violent, and few are completely passive.   Each discovered species is named with a code: UETO-number-<2-5 letter code based on appearance>, e.g. UETO-1-FES.  


Unieterrors are the name for creatures that aren't found on planets. This is a very wide bracket, so they could be found in space itself floating around like severins, on A-Planets like godrills and pitter snakes, or anywhere else as long as they can't be found on planets.  


Quite a lot of unieterrors are photosynthivores; creatures that get energy via photosynthesis instead of eating meat or plants. Most unieterrors have chloroplasts on them which absorbs sunlight, and these are present as panels along their backs and heads.  

Discovered UETOs:

Severin - UETO-1-FES
Godrill - UETO-2-PAB
Shorp - UETO-3-WDC
Suijisi - UETO-4-CSP
Lordricarr - UETO-5-LOTAS
Cyclops Tadpole - UETO-6-GCT
Pitter Snake - UETO-7-TSB
Mistbreather - UETO-8-SMBM
Melonhead - UETO-9-LVMH
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