Two is the second largest moon orbiting Echos, a planet in the Sao Solar System. This moon is home to the largest array of organisms, especially invertebrates and birds. There are a couple hundred bird species and thousands of insect species, and thousands of plant species that cover the entire moon as grasslands and forests.


Two comprises of grasslands and forests. The forests appear as bands across the planet, along the lines of latitude. These forests are quite hilly too, with hills averaging at about 100-200 metres tall. The grasslands very rarely range in height, at most a few metres. Rivers flow down from the forests, into lakes in the grasslands. The rivers are fuelled with water pedestals.


On Two, birds are the apex predators. Many bird species prey on the abundant insects, which reproduce at a rapid rate, continually providing food for the avids. Some of these insects have evolved to become poisonous, with bright, aposematic markings that scare birds away. Many insects have evolved in different ways to try and survive against these birds, developing thick exoskeletons, scents, and poison.

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Pocklets are small passerines that live in grasslands. They prey on grazers and other small insects. They have a bright red plumage, and cause "red skies" when their murmurations cover the skies. Pocklets also have a very memorable call, a shrill EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that disorients other birds that get too close to their eggs during mating season.


Saffronbeaks are large, predatory birds that can be seen flying high in the skies, above the grasslands of the moon. Their name comes from the saffron coloured beaks, and the saffron that sheds from them, similar to animals shedding velvet from their antlers. The beaks are very sharp, and often the birds like to dive straight into other flying birds and spear them with their beaks.


Grazers are tiny insects that are found munching on short grasses. Their brightly coloured bodies help camouflage them against the grass, hiding them from their many predators, like pocklets. They are one of the most common insect species, that live in large swarms that can decimate large areas of grassland.
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