Thermal Carp

Thermal carp are a common fish species found in the countless lava lakes of Hell.


Thermal carp have two major body parts, the head and the body. Their heads are incredibly large compared to their bodies, almost the same size. As a defence against predators, the skull of thermal carps is extremely thick and is very hard to penetrate.

Their fins are a bright blend of yellow, green and blue, used to deter predators by making them think these fish are extremely poisonous. This is not true; in fact, they are some of the most delicious fish found on the planet.


The large mouths of these fish is enough to consume a great array of food. In the wild, thermal carp consume a varied diet, mostly consisting of floating plant matter and small invertebrates. They have a beak hidden inside their mouths that allow them to consume crustaceans with hard exoskeletons.


Thermal carp are a live-bearing species, the eggs hatching while still in the mother. These carp have about 500 babies each mating season, and the remains of the eggs are absorbed by the parent to regain some energy back from giving birth.

Cilvarthian Delicacy

Thermal carp are most commonly found in Cilvarth Sector on the planet. This 10,000km² piece of land is owned by Cilvarth, where mining of resources takes place. Since thermal carp is so common here, they are also frequently fished up and shipped back to their home planet.

Thermal carp are a well known fish species on Cilvarth, and are a delicious, naturally spicy food. Many cilvarthians enjoy spice in their food, and thermal carp are surprisingly cheap to buy and easy to prepare.


Due to these fish's slow swimming speed, they are prey to many other animals. Thermal carp swim up to 5 kilometres an hour, much slower than most predatory animal species found in the lava lakes of Hell. The carp's only defences are their thick skulls and fin barbs, which aren't very effective considering these animals are only two feet long.

Thermal Carp by Mochi
15 - 18 years
Average Length
2 feet (0.6 metres)
Geographic Distribution

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