Ten is the tenth largest moon orbiting Echos, in the Sao Solar System. It is an entirely desert moon with no water on the surface.


Ten is a flat moon, with very few large hills. The whole planet is coated in sand and burning stone, with a thick atmosphere that traps most of the solar energy from sunlight. There is zero water found on the surface of the planet, however an abundance of it under the ground. All of the fauna and flora on the planet have appendages that reach into the ground to absorb this water to keep them alive.

Fauna & Flora


Like the flora, the fauna on Ten all share appendages that help them obtain water. These appendages secrete an acidic substance that burns the ground, and can reach all the way into the water table and into flooded cave systems for fresh water.
Most of the fauna on Ten have a sandy colouration, to help camouflage them from predators, or from prey.


A lot of the flora species have resorted to carnivorous diets to survive. If they can't obtain enough nutrients from the soils, they have backup mechanisms that allow them to digest animal prey. Such plants include the famed Maneatus Cactinus, with a brightly coloured flower to lure in herbivorous prey, and tentacles laced with strong digestive enzymes to help break the prey down.


Unsurprisingly, the highly adapted organisms on this moon draws in plenty of attention, particularly from biologists. Many enjoy studying the flora and fauna on this moon, as their unique mechanisms are incredibly unique. The flora are particularly valued; many like to take seeds of these plants while on the moon, and attempt to grow them in an artificial environment. In some rare cases, people make a profit off of these plants, by hosting them in greenhouses people tour.
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