Swamp Serrese

Swamp serrese are small goblins that inhabit Sarabar Swamp on Greenerth. They commonly live alongside Aar-Aoris, with a small population in Castara.


Swamp serrese have short, round bodies, with dark green/bluish skin. They have two pairs of arms, two sticking out the front of their bodies and two sticking out of their backs. They have large heads, with large eyes and ears. They lack hair, with large foreheads that are slightly translucent, their brains visible when rays of light shine on them. Their legs are very short, and most of the time their bodies are somewhat submerged in water. These goblins possess short tails, allowing them to swim well in water.

Relations & Reproduction

Swamp serrese are deemed sexually mature at 30 years old. They find partners relatively quickly, and will stay with them for life. These are platonic partners, only ever mating for the purpose of reproduction.

The gestation period for a swamp serrese is about 1 year. There is no strict mating season, as for most sapient species. Swamp serrese have between 3 and 5 children, having only 1 or 2 a few hundred years ago, before the arrival of the blood frogs that killed off a significant portion of the species.


Swamp serrese are omnivores, enjoying a wide range of foods as do a lot of sapient species. These particular creature love a more plant-based diet, however do often cook fish and other animals they capture in large nets. Swamp serrese are popular with the Aar-aori as together, their cultural foods create a magnificent variety.


Swamp serrese are found across Sarabar Swamp, in small settlements, as well as living in a few settlements alongside Aar-aori. They have also been migrating to the Silent Slough with their sapient neighbours, to escape the ever-increasing threat of blood frogs which don't exist in the Silent Slough.

Civilisations & Culture


Castara is the capital city of the Aar-Aori, constructed out of the earth itself and is hidden from outsiders with the use of shapeshifting magic. On the surface, the city appears rather drab, made of mud of different shades of brown, and is very dimly lit. Underground however, is a side of the city that is much more colourful and bright. This portion of the city is hidden underneath several metres of muddy swampwater, and is only accessible via several large wells that you must swim down. This city is inhabited by swamp serrese as well, making up a small portion of the population, about 14%.
170 years
Average Height
1 metre
Geographic Distribution

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