Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge

A species that lives in an unlikely place

Jewel Beetle

By LadyChimere
It is not an exaggeration when I say I'd die for these critters. These animals are kept as pets, and I would fill my home with thousands of them if I could. I found the idea that these were sometimes kept as family heirlooms fascinating, since they could live for centuries if looked after properly. This article is giving me serious inspiration for beetles in my world, and I thank the writer for this.
Jewel Beetle
Species | Jul 20, 2022

Delta Eel

By Galindaan
Another really interesting species! I love their ability to always know where north is, and eel stew just sounds delicious! I found it fascinating how many foods these eels are put into, including breads which I found really interesting.
Delta Eel
Species | Jul 17, 2022

Thorn Melon

By loreseed
A plant species! I was excited to read this, since I couldn't spot many plants from their titles alone. I'm a sucker for desert adaptations too, and the description was so well written it painted a clear image in my head. I love to see more foods made from these species, and these roasted seeds sound delicious! Giving me great inspiration for more foods for my world, since I enjoy writing them but find them greatly difficult.
Thorn Melon
Species | Jul 17, 2022

A recently discovered, or rediscovered species

Sidian Shrew

By Frankie Valentine
These guys sound adorable!! I can imagine their little fights with each other, and the more I read about them the more adorable they sound. And as well, them having the ability to breathe on land as well as water is so cool! I wish I had creatures this cool in my world.
Sidian Shrew
Species | Jul 22, 2022

Sweetsong Butterfly

By Emperor Charles II
Musical butterflies?! AWESOME. I love the image and quote, it really bring this article to life. The quote especially, as it indicates right away that this creature is one to admire, rather than fear.
Sweetsong Butterfly
Species | Jul 24, 2022

Red and orange butterflies, unique to the valley of Gharan Minayen, whose wings are a song on their own.

Cotton-ball Crab

By Philipwn
I love crabs so much, this species is by far one of my favourites I've ever read! Their dietary needs match mine as well, which is nice. I'd love to see images of these crabs floating about like dandelion seeds, thanks to their incredibly light bodies. Amazing article, I love the uniqueness of it!
Cotton-ball Crab
Species | Jul 21, 2022

A species considered monstrous by some

Lumina Dragonfish

By RandoScorpio
The art is so pretty. Midjourney art never disappoints. The tales of this particular species are fascinating, and don't match with its pure, ethereal appearance which makes this creature all the more terrifying.
Lumina Dragonfish
Species | Jul 31, 2022

Shark Dragons

By lia_anna
Swimming, flying, shark dragons!? Absolutely terrifying, I love it. The anatomy description is great, it really brings this animal to life and helps me picture it. Despite it's strength and dangerousness, I kind of want one as a pet.
Shark Dragons
Species | Jul 28, 2022

Happy Flowers

By Cryssalia Noire
Not the title of an article I was expecting to read for this prompt at all. The theme is very dark though, but is very interesting. It is interesting that such a "dangerous" pill comes from such a basic flower, one that is simply white petals and a golden bud. I do enjoy the concept though, a very good article.
Happy Flowers
Species | Jul 26, 2022

Sometimes, you just need to be happy before you die...

Apologies if the review paragraphs are a little lacking- it is almost 1am as I write this, and while I can read perfectly fine, forming interesting sentences is proving rather difficult.

Looking to the future!

My new goals between now and the next Summer Camp is to write. That's it. I do have plans on what to write, but I'm keeping things relaxed to avoid stressing myself out. I have my Creatures of the Yonderverse world, where I write in batches to keep myself focused and engaged in the writing, and I have a plan to write about as many planets and locations on those planets as I can in this world. I may also expand more in Ocearia, and continue in Jerna's Diary, my favourite world.   Thank you Dimi and Janet, and the World Anvil Team for another amazing Summer Camp! Thank you to the World Anvil Community for being the best community I've ever known, and for making me feel at home here in this amazing part of the internet.


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2 Aug, 2022 14:12

Excellent reading collection! I'm glad you felt so inspired :)

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2 Aug, 2022 22:09

I see you like species articles! Aha. Your little recommendation paragraphs certainly intrigued me, I'll have to take a look. I hope you continue to enjoy the writing process. Its a good idea to keep things relaxed - especially after a big event. The mind needs rest too!

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10 Aug, 2022 05:09

All species prompts: great selection! Thanks for giving me three new cool species to read about.   I wish you the best of luck with your writing goals for the coming year :D