Spore Harvest

Taking place every year, spore season is the most looked forward to holiday for the Mushára. Spore harvest revolves around spore season, and mushrooms and fungi producing many more spores which means only one thing - more food!


Spore season takes place in Amribar - Jaxartibar every year. It has always been a joyous occasion for the Mushára, since food becomes cheaper, people are happier and healthier.   The first actual celebrations come from the Natrechia period, which was a period in time where the Mushára population experienced a huge boom. The invention of fruit carving and candles appeared in the same time period, and only grew in popularity since. While lighting coal shrooms was a practice made long before spore harvests appeared, they began to only be used in spore harvests after those came to be.


Spore harvests have no set celebrations, but people usually decorate their houses with mushroom figurines of their favourite species, decorating with plated potatoes and poompkins grown by themselves or others, and cooking foods made from the plentiful spores.   Most people like to carve patterns in fruits like poompkins, turnips and and plated potatoes, and place them outside their houses. These can take days to make, especially poompkins. Some people also like to hollow the inside of the fruits, carve eyes and faces in the fruits, and place small candles inside them which glow in the night. Mushára believe that for the best spore seasons they must illuminate the night like it is the daytime, and do so by making these fruit lanterns and setting coal shrooms alight at dusk.

Components and tools


During spore harvests much more food is made. More foods are invented from the spores; spore soup was actually created in one of the first celebrated spore harvests.

Carved fruits

Carved fruits are a popular thing to make for the Mushára. Taking medium to large fruits and hollowing the inside, carving patterns and faces on the outside, and placing lit candles on the inside. This is part of the idea that the Mushára must light the night like it's day for a good spore harvest.

Lighting coal shrooms

Coal shrooms are a large species of mushroom that grows in the mushroom forests. They are made partly of coal, which makes them excellent for starting fires. Mushára grow them specifically for spore harvest, and they place them in large pots in town centres and set them alight at dusk to light up the night.


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