Shield Summoner

The shield summoner spell is an easy earth magic spell. It is cast in the hopes of creating a shield made of the ground to block magic and non magic attacks from opponents. It is a slow spell to do, taking about 10 seconds for a shield to form which gives a lot of time for the opponent to strike.


The spell will simply cause the ground below the user to shake, gradually more violently, until pieces of the earth itself will start to rip apart and swarm in front of the user. The materials will manifest in a shield shape, which is theoretically unbreakable.   The shield can be made of different materials depending on where the spell has been used: in a tropical rainforest the shield could be made of dirt and soil, bark, tree roots, moss and small plants, in a desert the shield would be made of sand, or in a snowy environment the shield could be made from permafrost and snow.   Surrounding the shield is a yellow mist, which surrounds the ground when it is being ripped apart and fixes together the pieces of earth that forms the shield. For higher level mages who can create a stronger shield, the mist appears more gold in colour and has a slight shine.

Side/Secondary Effects

If an opposing spell is strong enough and the shield cannot resist, the shield will explode into thousands of pieces. This can endanger both sides of a battle, as the user now has no method of defence from the debris.   The larger the shield made, the more energy it drains from the user. The biggest shield ever made reached 20 metres in diameter, and the user was sent to hospital and remained in a coma for 4 months. It is not advised to create a shield more than 2 metres in diameter, as anything more is risky and at worst can be fatal.


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