Shaky Bones Syndrome

Shaky bones syndrome is an easily avoidable condition, caused by prolonged exposure to the deafening roars of a gigganda. Shaky bones syndrome is one of the few conditions that can be found within a District 1 planet.


Shaky bones syndrome is caused by the horrific roars of the gigganda. These giant beasts roam the mountains of Bob, controlling the population of animals there and kicking off anyone know doesn't belong. One of these methods is by screaming at them for hours on end. In most species, these screams will cause your bones to vibrates, which is known as the shaky bones syndrome.


Shaky bones has just one symptom; constant shaking of the bones and body. It is said that when you feel the roar of a gigganda, you can feel your bones vibrate within your body, and if you stay within the roar's path too long, then your bones will never stop shaking.


Lucky, because there are so few conditions on this planet, curing all of them was affordable. Shaky bone syndrome can be cured with a bone-stunner, a unique piece of technology that stuns the bones in place, forcing the vibrating to a halt. Luckily, this treatment has no side effects, as it has been used for hundreds of years and no notable effects have been recorded.


The prevention for this condition is simple - do not get in the way of a gigganda. If you insist of getting close to one of these giant mammals, do not look directly as its eyes, and make yourself as small as possible. That way, it will not see you as a threat and it will let you live peacefully on the mountains. If you appear threatening, then the gigganda will roar directly at you until you leave, or it will shove you off of the squishy mountains, which won't do any damage but can be very annoying.


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