Pirates are tall warriors, with a similar physique to harmonids, that wander the skies above oceans on their airships, terrorising the skies and other pirates they meet. They are an advanced species, with many unique gadgets that they design themselves. They have horrible attitudes, and since they rarely wash themselves they always smell awful. Similarly to their unevolved cousins, they have a savage mindset and are known to show no remorse.

Basic Information


Pirates stand on their hind legs, with a physique almost identical to modern harmonids. Their skin colour differs widely, from blues to greens, occasionally purples, but all of them have tentacle like appendages, that end in hands with fingers. Their hair is a random mass of tentacles, each growing at different lengths. They have long, sturdy legs, that have a thicker skin on them.

Genetics and Reproduction

All pirates are female by birth, but as they reach sexual maturity they can actually change their gender to produce a baby. Once they have impregnated themselves, gestation period is about 250 days, and the mothers stomach area will appear much larger than normal as the pregnancy continues.   When the baby is born, it will share more physical similarities with cephalopods than pirates, having 8 tentacles instead of 2 legs.

Growth Rate & Stages

As the baby grows up, the tentacles will seal together with a thick mucus secreted from the baby, to form 2 legs. These legs are formed usually by the time the baby is 6 years old. This same mucus is secreted during a couple year period, between ages 15 and 20. These years can differ depending on the individual.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Pirates are carnivorous, they hunt cloud rays that fly high in the skies, where pirates patrol. Pirates use grappling hooks, which most are equipped with, to shoot down the rays and haul them back into their airship, where they strip the meat off of their bones, cook the meat and at the same time store the bones for rations incase of emergency.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Setreata, a large floating pirate colony, is a special location that is designed to be a neutral zone for all pirates. It is situated just north of the Shattered Skies, on a large, 3 mile wide floating island. The settlement is constructed around a humongous ball pit, designed to bring the joy in a pirates dim and terrifying life.


Pirates started evolving from cephalopods around fifteen million years ago, around the Shattered Skies¬†between Tropacia and Southland. They learnt how to construct basic tools and weapons, and learnt how to create fire. After thousands of years, pirates began evolving more and more, their large brains becoming more powerful, but their savage mindsets remained.   Soon enough, pirates were constructing small boats to sail across the seas, plundering other pirates that they found on the crashing waves. Twenty thousand years after the boat invention, another breakthrough occured. Airships were invented, through the power of gravity manipulation. This allowed pirates to speed through the skies at immense speeds, or if they wished simply float along the winds. This airship invention carried on to the modern world, but would separate pirates from other sapient species. Pirates developed their own languages, customs, rituals, and other gadgets and weapons used to take down other pirates. It's safe to say pirates were never the friendliest people of the skies.
Geographic Distribution


Pirates, despite their aggressive and solitary nature, like to form alliances. These alliances can be between just a pair of pirates, and at most, likely 5 or 6 pirates. These alliances display unique sail designs, to distinguish between alliances. These alliances also develop their own special Pirate Hand Language, a system of communication without the need for speaking.  


Althought they spend most of their time on their airships, pirates do in fact own houses. These houses are located on small floating islands, and two pirates never own a house on the same island. In very small cases they do, but only when they are under the same alliance. It is a cardinal rule never to destroy another pirate's house; sadly the same rule doesn't apply for the airships, it is just common decency not to destroy them.


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