Mirror Forest

Mirror Forest is a large tropical rainforest in Tropacia. It is well known for its high biodiversity, and is home to many native tribes, including the Surbaria People and the Lili Tribe.


Mirror Forest has a rather high elevation, of about 750 metres on average. The rainforest is incredibly dense, about 2 trees in every square metre. The ground is also littered in gallors, these hollow hills are packed with mushroom and lichen species, and the shade they provide makes them valuable in the rainy seasons.  


Mirror Forest's high elevation means that many mountains are found here. 112 peaks over a thousand feet from its surrounding area. The highest peak is Aridacha, peaking at 3,456 metres. The mountains are more common in the south of Mirror Forest, along the coastlines.

Fauna & Flora

Some of the famous animal species in Mirror Forest are Hammerhead Rhinos, Gigamoths, and the N'Qan River Tortoise.
Wet tropical rainforests have some of the largest biodiversity on the planet. As Mirror Forest is the largest expanse of wet tropical rainforests, it has unmatched biodiversity. Over 6 million insect species, 500 amphibians, 600 reptiles, 500 mammals, 900 birds, and 1,200 fish species have been recorded and tracked in this rainforest, as well as tens of thousands of plant species, and upwards of 14,000 tree species.


For thousands of years, Mirror Forest has been inhabited by tribes of people. The Surbaria People are some of the oldest people to call this area home, living on the south coast of Mirror Forest, their settlemen, Surbaria just creeping into the rainforest.   Companies from around the country would start to investigate the properties of Mirror Forest, and began gathering and mining for precious resources in the rainforest. Many tribes from around the area did not like this, because it disrupted the natural order of the environment. The tribes would use their weapons to try and scare off the companies from working there, and to their surprise it worked, and the forest was left alone. Sadly, a lot of damage had been done so back breaking work was put in by the tribes to regrow a chunk of the forest.
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