CW: Minor Body Horror

One of the most unusual things floating around in Aavar's River is Man. Man is exactly what you'd expect, a giant man, floating in space. Man can be found just a few light years away from the Moul Solar System in District 3.

Many believe Man to be a deceased deity. To support this theory, rivers of ichor run through the body, just as it runs through the veins of Gods.


Nobody knows how long Man has been floating in space, but estimations range from about 6 billion to 60 billion years. Some people believe that Man has been floating in space since the dawn of time.

For millions of years, various civilisations have formed on top of, and inside, Man. Cities are carved out of the body; both nose holes are occupied with megacities that have each existed for several thousand years.


Man is located a few light years away from the Moul Solar System. The body is so large it can be seen from several close solar systems; namely the Moul, Illiak, Porys and Tahann Solar Systems. Man is found at the seventh major intersection, and many spacecrafts in District 3 sail straight past - some roads go through the body.

Fauna & Flora


There are many animal species that call Man home. Because of its edibility, the body attracts many migrating herds of animals.

One common species is the microbat - Don't let its name fool you; this species has over a thousand foot wingspan. Microbats fly around space in swarms, hunting down spacecraft. On occassion, they find themselves flying towards Man, where they will eat parts of it to regain energy to continue flying.


There are many plant species that take advantage of the nutrient rich corpse and grow atop it. Feathervines are one species, and they are very fast growing. In just a day, feathervines can spread miles. Luckily, that isn't much compared to the sheer size of Man.

There are countless species of fungi, moss and lichen that grow on Man, many of which are studied for their various medicinal uses.

Civilisations & Organisations

There are thousands of civilisations that have set themselves up on Man. Some are much more prevalent than others, and have impressive mining operations to collect resources from this corpse, while others fly under the radar and are more of a refuge.


Mikiri is the largest refugee camp on Man. Thousands of people call this place home, after being banished from their previous homes, fleeing other places, countless reasons. Mikiri doesn't discriminate; it provides a home for anybody that asks for one.

The homes themselves aren't very fancy. Simply designed sheets are suspended on large pillars, which are designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes. You may bring items of your own to style your stay as much as you like, as long as you do not alter the size of the tent in any way, or else you must pay a large amount of money for a bigger plot.

Feretel Mining Grounds

The Feretel Mining Grounds (FMG) is a significant mining operation located on the head of Man. Run by the largest feretel crime organisation, the FMG are attempting to drill down into the head of Man, and extract brain matter to be sold on the black market.

The mining grounds are heavily guarded; nobody gets in, and nobody gets out. According to those on the inside, conditions are very tough, the pay is laughable, and the food is revolting. The leader of the organisation, an unnamed man, is said to be the toughest crimelord in the Yonderverse, is over a thousand years old and still going strong.

Valuable Resources

It is well known that Man contains some of the most valuable resources in the Yonderverse. While Man is under the People's Association's ownership and therefore mining of the resources is illegal, people still do so and have no plans to stop.


One of the rarest natural resources in the entire Yonderverse, ichor is a legendary material that is said to flow through the veins of the Gods. As ichor flows through the veins of Man, many believe the body to be that of an unknown deceased deity. Many people that live on Man therefore worship it as a deity, and will bring it gifts, that others will steal and keep for themselves.


Surprisingly, the finger and toenails of Man are extremely valuable. They are made of a blend of ivory and tarsarium, an extremely durable metal. Many people, when visiting Man, break off a tiny portion of its nails and sell it to make a small fortune.

Because of how easily accessed Man's fingernails are, the People's Association have posted guards to keep watch of each nail, and threaten anybody who dares try to snap off a chunk.

Brain Matter

The brain is the most valuable part of a sapient specie's body (in most cases), and it is no surprise that with a brain as complex as Man's, people want control of it. The brain of Man is not guarded, since it is so difficult to access, so the Feretel Mining Grounds has not stopped drilling into the forehead of Man in an attempt to take the brain matter of it.
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