Karkhala Industries

Based on several planets, Karkhala Industries is a large corporation that mines hundreds of unique resources.



The corporation has several large facilities on Hell, mining the various resources underground. The largest facility is set up on the lakeside of Chrihaia Lake, taking in masses of lava and extracting the bauxite. A downside to taking the lava from this lake is it is right besides a helsaurus migration path, and these large creatures are more than happy to destroy the factory if it is in the way. On several occasions workers have been trampled by helsauruses, which isn't very good for PR.


Karkhala industries is very prevalent on Venviri, with upwards of seventy factories around the planet, mining hundreds of resources. Some of the resources they mine are the sulphur from the sulphur deserts, the mercury from the various rivers, and mostly the crude oil from the thousands of volcanoes. Crude oil is the biggest farmed material from Venviri, as the refined version can be used for many things, such as fuel and road construction.


Karkhala Industries has set up on various A-Planets, collecting the scales of shorps. These scales are practically indestructable, and are popular on Karkhala in architecture and building reinforcement. Shorp scales cannot be collected directly from the creatures, and are annually shed which means the factory only collects them once a year.
The other part of the year, the factory sends spaceships out to collect various resources in space, like primordial jelly used for space travel.
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