Prowling A-Planet Beast

Godrills are large unieterrors found roaming the barren landscapes of A-planets. They are very dangerous, with many different attacks, all incredibly lethal.

Basic Information


These large carnivores grow up to 5m at the shoulder. They stand up on their hind legs, with 3 claws on each feet. It has a thick blue hide, and bright yellow spikes jutting out its back and arms. It has 2 long appendages sticking from its back which are prehensile, used to hold various weapons to aid in battle. They have tiny heads below their shoulders, from their hunched back. 2 tiny black dots for eyes sit on each side of their head. It possesses a colourful head crest guarding its neck.

Ecology and Habitats

This species is found to cope in many different environments, but sticking to living on A-planets most of the time. Its barren landscape means it will spot prey very easy, and it lives in large dirt mounds it builds itself, with surprising capability when it comes to architecture.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

This species, despite its small eyes, has impressive eyesight. However it primarily uses its hearing to detect things, its large crest essentially using echolocation. It also possesses small ridges on its fists; when it stands normally it will detect any movement through the vibrations in the ground.
Geographic Distribution


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