Glaze Storm

Glaze storms are a unique meteorological phenomenon that occurs in select regions on Greenerth and Ocearia. They are a rare and famous phenomenon that has caused many deaths on the two planets. The rain from a glaze storm is burning hot and contains specks of laurelite, a rare and valuable crystal that is sold on market stalls for high prices.


These storms occur when water vapour in clouds start to condense. This forms regular rain, and so to form glaze storms the water vapour must combine with laurelite. Laurelite will also condense in space, as they are attracted to each other, and when they move too close to the planet they will start to gravitate towards larger formations of the stone. When the now condensed shards of laurelite enter the atmosphere and pass through clouds, they are shattered and are stuck in the water vapour. When the vapour condenses and forms rain droplets, they laurelite reacts with the water and starts to burn.


Glaze storms are only present in the Sanra Forest in south eastern Aekor. They are also present in the Kazaharo Cliffs of Dracosei. The only reason theses storms exist in these locations is because of a large vein of laurelite that exists directly below the areas, and so any laurelite that gets remotely close to it is pulled towards it like a magnet.

Laurelite Accessories

The shiny coating left from the storms are harvested by local settlements, and through a host of machines they are turned into small jewels. Sold to larger companies to be turned into jewelry, they are the main source of income for a lot of small villages.
The accessories are popular with large companies like Apparel, who brand the crystals as luxury and so can get a lot of money from them.


Kazaharo Cliffs is one of the most bustling islands for dragons, and it has one of the highest populations of the reptiles, both permanent and migratory. However, dragon scales cannot withstand the burning rain from glaze storms, and so whenever the storms occur the dragons flee to other islands. This influx of dragons onto other islands, even temporary, has drastic effects on other dragon populations, as well as other animal populations, and especially the populations of flightless dragons who cannot escape (Even though they usually flee to underground areas).

Shiny Aftermath

While the rain itself is literal hell for anyone who is caught in the storm, what happens after the storm is truly a spectacle. The laurelite is famous for its shiny qualities, and combined with water it creates a bright coating on anything it covers. The plants and the ground that the rain touches in a glaze storm is covered with a thin line of the crystal water, which causes the forests they rain on to become extremely shiny. The goggles people bring into the areas are often designed to dim the shininess from the coating, as on some occasions the shine can be so bright it damages one's eyes.


Laurelite burns when it reacts with water, which means the rain in a glaze storm is painfully hot. Thankfully, it does not seem to affect plant life or creatures with fur, but if something with bare skin wandered into a storm they would have their skin burn. That's why people who explore the areas that the storms occur bring protective goggles, shoes, gloves, and other equiptment that hides their bare skin.


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Really interesting! I like how the crystals are attracted to each other (especially in space) and drawn to the planets through existing deposits.
I do have a question though. It is mentioned that the crystals shine; does this mean that the crystals in space also shine (perhaps as sunlight is reflected from them, similar to the moon)? Cause, in my mind, that would be quite a beautiful sight to see.

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Thank you for liking and commenting! I suppose the crystals would! They would be gorgeous to see in space :D

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