Darrowspar Moon Dial

It is rather difficult to tell what time it is in the Darrowspar Depths, so the darrowspar moon dial was constructed to solve this.

Purpose / Function

The darrowspar moon dial can be seen through several of the tinted glass windows in the ceiling of the caves. The moon dial will light up during the nights, glowing its brightest at midnight. This is used to tell the Odorae people when to sleep and wake up (for waking up they rely on alarms). A person works on a post all day, and keeps watch of the moon dial. As soon as the dial starts to light up, he will blare a horn to let people in the settlement know it is time to start thinking about sleeping.


The moon dial is constructed from light magic, and since the Odorae people are not the best with magic it has had a few hiccups since its construction. Several times has the dial actually exploded, the mages who constructed it weren't exactly professionals so the spells they put on the crystal was dysfunctional.


The moon dial's core is constructed from a crystal, with some light magic cast on it. The crystal is a whitish colour, with a cloudy inside. The crystal orb is built on a large blue metal pole, which is coated with an oil to deter dragons nearby. The oil reeks, so people don't go near it, but it is worse for the dragons.


The moon dial has initiated an interesting ritual, formed by the poor sector. Every night, when the alarm goes off, people will stand outside of their houses and bow to the ground. They are showing their respect to dragons, in the hopes that the dragons will understand and will not attack them.
Parent Location

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