Darrowspar Depths

Okay so here, we have my water well. Now it doesn't fill up very fast, but the water is delicious. I suggest you get one of your own if you're going to be staying here for a bit. They're a hassle to set up, you have to drill the roof into one of the aquifers above us and then actually buy a water well, but it's worth it. Anyways, enjoy your stay! I'll be around if you ever need me.
— Friendly Odorae welcoming someone from the Valinspar Depths
Under the grumbling grounds of Etrea is the hidden civilisation of the Odorae people, one of three civilisations on the continent. It is the largest civilisation, and serves as the capital of Etrea.  


Darrowspar Depths has existed for 106 years. It was formed when the Odorae tribe moved underground into a pre-existing cave system, after spending many years fighting for survival against dragons, plants, and the land itself. The people sealed up most of the cavern entrances with giant rock boulders, before then replacing it with more secure metal doors and hatches.  


About 20 years ago they joined settlements with the Larrenspar and Valinspar depths, via many tunnels that traverse the underground caverns. These tunnels join the three settlements and would begin a time of union and trade. The first ever treaty on Dracosei was then signed, between the Larrenspar depths and the Darrowspar Depths.   The second treaty was signed, this time between the Darrowspar Depths and the Red Rock Island Tribe. When the Red Rock Island Tribe explored Etrea and found the Odorae people, they were hesitant but attempted to establish good relations. Both had been struggling to fend themselves from dragons, so both were in the same boat and both wanted to help each other. Both peoples signed a treaty that would just establish a good relationship between the two.  


Poor Sector

The poor sector houses are not of the best quality down in the Darrowspar Depths. That is purely because of rotting, the houses are constructed of a semi-durable wood that is found commonly in Etrea, but the climate in the cave systems that the people live in seem to speed up the rotting process. The houses are constructed on rock stilts and large metal platforms to prevent them from sinking into the muddy ground below. Several houses are squished onto one platform, and several more are placed on top, with bridges, rope swings, and ladders to allow access to each one.

Rich Sector

The rich sector houses are the highest quality in the Darrowspar Depths. These houses are placed in a separate cave to the poor sector houses, where the ground is not muddy, instead a hard rock. The houses are almost twice as big, made from the same durable wood but with a cooler climate, it doesn't rot as fast.


The Darrowspar Depths are situated on the south coast of Etrea, in a savanna. The settlement is roughly 30 metres below sea level, which means that if the sea levels somehow rose drastically the depths would be in big trouble. There are 7 entrances to this specific village, two in the north, one in the south, two in the west and two in the east. Each one is strongly barricaded from dragon attacks (which rarely happen), however not water-proof.
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Author's Notes

This location, along with the Larrenspar Depths and the Valinspar Depths, was named by Graylion. Thank you!

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