Blood is a chemical element with the symbol Bl and atomic number 122. It is most commonly found as a compound inside every single living creature in the Yonderverse, and it is also found in its natural state under water. Blood is a highly sought after material, as the entirety of blood magic revolves around the element.


Material Characteristics

In different creatures, the liquid comes in different colours. In most sapient and non-sapient species, blood is red , but in other species it can be a variety of colours. It depends on other materials in the compound; blood itself is a bright red colour. More concentrated blood is a deeper red.


The blood element is commonly found as a compound of the same name. Blood is found in the bodies of most living creatures; this compound:
Supplies oxygen to the body's tissues
Supplying nutrients like amino acids and fatty acids
Removing waste products like urea and carbon dioxide
Regulating the body's core temperature
Hydraulic functions
And messenger functions.

Geology & Geography

Aside from the compound being found in living beings, the element itself is found underwater, forming large rivers along the seabed. As blood is much more dense than water, it doesn't mix and blood remains below water, forming rivers and lakes on the seabed. These rivers are commonly found in ocean planets like Ocearia and Hothiri.

History & Usage



Attention to the liquid only started happening on Greenerth when the blood magic textbook was discovered, and people began to learn how important blood was to magic and survival. Soon after the book was discovered roughly 80 thousand years ago, people started becoming blood mages and would learn how to cast spells, made potions, all involving blood.


Blood was first used in Ocearia to flavour foods. Gatherers would collect bottles of blood to flavour their meals back at home, and as technology advanced on the planet, more and more blood was collected from the millions of rivers and lakes that dot the world.   Recently, in the past few thousand years, blood has been used to dye building materials to make a nice bright colour for their houses. It had also started to be used to paint and decorate, instead of dying building materials as it was easier just to paint.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Blood is heavily worshipped in blood mage culture. After all, their entire lives revolve around the element. Inside blood mage houses you'll often find a special cup that sits in an open area, full of blood. This blood cannot be drank, thrown away, or moved (unless to a more noticeable location), and every time someone walks past the cup they must kiss their fingers and stroke the side of the cup. This shows their appreciation of blood.


Trade & Market

Lots of blood mages sell blood, that they illegally collect by slowly sucking it out of random people they may walk past in the streets. Using spells they can control blood atoms and can slowly pull them out of anyone's bodies, and place them in jars in their backpacks that they always have on their backs. If you see a blood mage wearing a backpack, there is no chance that they aren't stealing blood.
Sometimes, Organ stealers will also take the blood from their victims that they kill to earn themselves even more money. This blood that they collect is sold to a blood mage, who then resells it elsewhere for an even higher price.

Law & Regulation

Most governments have no problem with the selling of blood, as long as it isn't harvested illegally. Illegal harvesting of blood is when a blood mage or anyone else takes someone's blood without their written permission. Lots of blood mages harvest blood illegally, and they can sell it for a lot of money.


Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State
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1 Jan, 2022 14:53

Great article mochi! love the new applications of blood in the yondaverse. One a little unclear thing however: Are blood mages now generally regarded as "good" or rather as people one should avoid? Are all blood mages sinister or is there like a "ruleset" a general blood mage has to follow?

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1 Jan, 2022 15:02

Thank you so much! It really depends who you ask, they're practically harmless because the dangerous blood spells are illegal, but some people are a little creeped out by blood mages, for obvious reasons xD

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1 Jan, 2022 21:10

This article makes me think, "What the f$%k is wrong with you people?" and "Oh, right, there're rivers of blood; it's an organic dye and food colouring. Sure. Ok." at the same time. :D   This also takes reminded me of haemoglobin crystals found in leeches. A fun way to store food for later. Do you have blue blood (like in Horseshoe crabs)? I see it mentioned but wonder if that is a thing in Yonderverse or just a side-stuff.   But since rivers of blood are commonly found in some places, why would people go to such lengths as to steal it from tourists when they're not watching?

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Thank you for liking and commenting on the article! People steal blood from others usually when blood rivers aren't found anywhere close to them, especially on land since blood rivers are found underwater. As well, it's not hard to steal blood in the ways that they do, so it's not that big of a deal; the only risk is being caught.

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Master Alixzere
John Johnson
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I like how you made blood a chemical element used in a lot of ways. Also, did I read it wrong, or should I be concerned that there are blood rivers in your world ?

2 Jan, 2022 11:52

You can be concerned if you like, but they're completely natural :)

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Coming back to comment :D This is a really fun article! i love when people use (fake) chemistry as basis for magic system :D

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Thank you so much!

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