Barbecue Golem

Barbecue golems are an interesting, ancient piece of machinery that is used to cook food and cleanly dispose of items. These golems are most commonly found on the Region of Sarra, especially in countries in the east who live in deserts. While not technically a golem, they were named this because of the physical resemblance to golems.


Barbecue golems, once placed down, is never moved. It is simply too heavy for it to be constantly moved about. Meals are instead centralised around these golems, and during festivals and parties they are often decorated to celebrate the occasion with the people.   The golems have a large hole where their stomachs are, which is where you line with a type of dust which is able to burn for many hours. Several shelves are placed on top, hooking themselves on, where you can place your food to cook. Hooks on the side of the golem are where you can place your cutlery to help cook.


These works of art are very simple. The most complex part of it is actually its design, patterns are carved into its concrete exterior, and can be easily customised. The most expensive barbecue golems have days, sometimes weeks, of time spent carving intricate patterns and scenery on the golem.
The first designs for the barbecue golem were proposed in 1583, thought and planned out by Nidik Auenid. The original designs ran on coal, but were quickly rethought when it was discovered burning coal was very bad for the environment.
Access & Availability
It is common for a house to have a barbecue golem positioned on their balconies or on the patio in their gardens. The fuel for these golems are easily available at most stores in cities, which makes this machinery popular for people to cook their foods.
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That is a very entertaining sort of luxury golem, one I can definitely see people eventually start making. Well done :D

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For some reason, I thought it was a golem made from grilled meat, but a massive grill is cool too !