Ash Worm

Ash worms are an entirely terrestrial species of annelid endemic to the Ash Forests of Uriti. These animals are wholely responsible for the expansion of these forests, as their digestion of ash and production of natural fertiliser greatly increases the speed of flora growth.


Ash worms are roughly 60 centimetres in length as adults, a few centimetres longer in females. Their bodies reach about 50 segments in adults, growing one new segment a week. Ash worms have a reddish colouration, with lighter pigments along the bottom of their segments, where each segment meets.

Each segment in ash worms contains an entire set of organs. These organs are incredibly small, but this allows them to continue surviving even if the worm is split in two, which is also their reproductive method. A special organ, known as the dormant organ, is present in each segment and only starts working once the worm splits into two. The organ contains countless cells that are able to completely reproduce the head of the worm, therefore creating the last needed part of an entirely new individual.


Ash worms survive completely off of ash from the forests they live in. With their large mouths the worms absorb ash and soil from the ground, sending it through their digestive systems in each segment taking in nutrients, and then excrete them into the environment. Their faeces contains a natural fertiliser which has resulted in the growth of the ash forests beyond its normal capabilities.


Ash worms live exclusively in the ash forests, where ash is most plentiful. The worms burrow through the soft soil, broken apart by the ash willow's large, complex root system. They are typically found from the surface to 20 metres underground, just before the soil starts to dissipate, replaced by stone.

Ash Worm by Mochi
4 - 5 years
Average Length
60cm (23 inches)
Geographic Distribution

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