Aavar's River

Named after Aavar, God of Gods, Aavar's River is the largest collection of solar systems in the Yonderverse. Stretching an unimaginable amount of light years, this river is home to every single planet you know, every single creature, every single person.
Aavar's River


The entirety of Aavar's River is sectioned off into three districts. These districts are determined by their Solar System's average level of dangerousness. The districts were determined by the PA, or People's Association, who has analysed every single sentient species in the Yonderverse and determined how safe each one is, and therefore determined the safety of each Solar System.

District 1

The smallest district, District 1 is the safest of the three districts. Each Solar System is classified as practically harmless, with all of the creatures and environments being incredibly friendly. District 1 Solar Systems are popular, especially with tourism, as people seek out these planets for the safest, most beautiful holiday resorts in the Yonderverse.  

District 2

District 2 is the largest district, and is considered mildly dangerous. In Yonderverse terms, mildly dangerous is little danger at all. Most of the Solar Systems you may be familiar with are found in District 2, such as the Ria System or the Kurhira System.The majority of the sentient species in Aavar's River are also found in District 2 Solar Systems, and the PA's headquarters can be found nestled in the centre of the district.  

District 3

Fear the Solar Systems in this district, as if you entered one you would most likely die trying to escape. Only the most powerful of people in the Yonderverse can defeat the legendary monsters that reside on these planets, and very, very few call this district home. It was incredibly tough for the PA to document the sentient species in this district; they had to hire those who lived there to document them remotely.

Galactic Currents

Galaxies and solar systems all form on large "strings" that flow through Aavar's River. These strings serve as pathways for things to quickly navigate the entirety of the river. Made up of pure light and a sprinkle of stardust, these galactic currents will move you as fast as the speed of light. These currents are incredibly popular for traversing Aavar's River, not just by sentient beings but also creatures such as space jellyfish or glitch whales.


Surrounding the entirety of Aavar's River is a thick veil of stardust and laurelite. Stardust is a main component in stars, and laurelite is a rare crystal that causes glaze storms limited to just a few planets. Together, these two minerals form a sturdy, translucent barrier that blocks anything coming in, or going out of the river. Some intelligent life forms have managed to construct vehicles that can break through this barrier and explore beyond the river, but most do not return as the climates are too dangerous.


The creation of Aavar's River dates back to the beginning of the Yonderverse itself. Every single solar system was hand-crafted by Aavar himself; it is believed the God spent a millennia on each planet, carefully designing each ecosystem, every animal, plant, and person, making sure they had a place in the world. While most people in the Yonderverse worship a specific deity, Aavar is the most popular God worshipped, and is a Yonderversal symbol of peace and creation.
Aavar originally designed a third of the River to be completely harmless, another third to be extremely dangerous, and the last third to be somewhere in between, in order for the Yonderverse to remain interesting yet balanced.
Despite the river's original design being balanced, when Aavar retired from his godly duties the Yonderverse became unbalanced. Uncontrolled evolution occured, as well as extinction, and over billions of years the sizes of the districts altered.   One of the first sentient species to evolve in the Yonderverse were the Mallonians. Billions of years ago, with a whole Yonderverse to themselves, their reign spanned hundreds of planets in various solar systems, with practically infinite resources all to themselves. A very intelligent species too, they created some of the first advanced technology, comparable to technology seen today. But because they used technology to keep themselves safe, they evolved to lose their natural defences, which is why the species was wiped out so fast 16 billion years ago when the acra virus spread across Aavar's River.  

Acra Outbreak

The Acra Outbreak was the worst recorded pandemic in the history of Aavar's River. Occuring 16 billion years ago, the virus formed somewhere in District 3, believed to have been artificially created by some super-intelligent species. Little is known about the virus, as it died out so long ago, but it is known that it spread across the entirety of Aavar's River, leaving out not a single planet. Roughly 99.3% of all life in the Yonderverse was wiped out, only rebounding a few million years later. Still, Aavar's River only contains 70% of what used to live there, before the outbreak.

Cosmic Eclipse

Almost all of the time, the mineral veil that surrounds Aavar's River is completely invisible. However, once in a millenia, is this veil visible. This is due to some unknown, infinitely bright object creating a shadow that covers every single solar system in the river, causing the veil to become visible. This event, known as a cosmic eclipse, creates a shimmering light in the sky permanently for about two weeks. It is believed that this cosmic event is a sign that Aavar is watching its creation, and when the foreshadowed event does not occur is a sign of the Yonderverse ending.
Many people choose this eclipse as a time to celebrate Aavar, especially given how rare these events are. Large festivals are held, with music, food, dance.   Because of the beliefs surrounding the cosmic veil, it is illegal to mine the resources from it. Stories of men serving lifetimes for illegally mining these minerals have spread through the Yonderverse faster than the acra virus. Still though, many people choose to take the risk and sell the minerals they mine in black markets.

Space Jellyfish

Space jellyfish are the most common sight anywhere in Aavar's River. These giant creatures float through the vast nothingness, their waving tentacles flowing all around them, while the iridescent bells glow, like spotlights in the night.
Because of their size and docile nature, many space-farers like to keep them as pets. Even in the presence of gravity space jellyfish maintain their shape, and ranchers love to keep a herd of these on their A-Planet homes.  

Glitch Whale

Glitch whales are the biggest mistake ever created. One Naomi Perentz decided she wanted to create a holographic whale that could move, think, and was capable of interacting with its environment, and she did, it was rather successful. However, when she attempted to release one into the wild, the whale magically copied itself and the sky above her home flooded with these glitched whales. They eventually rose into space and continued copying, and now they run rampant across Aavar's River with no way to get rid of them. Naomi was able to prevent any further copying, but she was not able to rid the Yonderverse of glitch whales entirely.

Significant Solar Systems


Possibly the most famous solar system in District 2, the Ria Solar System contains well-known planets such as Greenerth, Dracosei and Talerin, as well as a few, less known planets such as Cavotov and Uriti. The seven planets orbiting Nasara contain a wide range of habitats, anything from the vast wastelands of Talerin and the kaleidoscopic reefs of Ocearia, to the steaming jungles of Vipheanus and the frozen landscapes of UV and Cavotov.


The Maiain Solar System is famous for just one thing: its artificial planet, Earrin. This was the first major artificial structure built in Aavar's River, and it served as a blueprint for many more. The entire artificial planet is about the same size as the Kinosmo System's Mercury, and is the home to the entire populations of several species, as well as homes for refugees from other planets in other Solar Systems.


The Kinosmo Solar System is most famous for its inability to remain peaceful. Since sentient life first arose on planet Earth, the planets in the Kinosmo Solar System have been at war, with Earth's main rival being Mars. Ever since humans died out in Earth's 2048, the Solar System has remained rather peaceful, but is still tense, especially between Mars and Venus as neither want to give up Earth as their own property. As well, Earth serves as an example of how to not look after one's planet. With overpopulation, war, pollution among many others, humans are the blueprint for a terrible sentient species.
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Did you know?
There are roughly 3.9x1058 Solar Systems in Aavar's River, with an average of 6 planets in each System!
  Solar Systems
AO5 System - District 1
Tritegawa System - District 1
Iden Solar System - Distrct 2
Kinosmo Solar System - District 2
Kurhira Solar System - District 2
Maiain Solar System - District 2
Ria Solar System - District 2
Sao Solar System - District 2
Ueran Solar System - District 3


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