The Aar-Aori, also known as Swamp Demons, are a sentient species living in the Sarabar Swamp of Greenerth. They are famous for their shapeshifting abilities, which was gifted to them by Erujiya, God of Mischief.


The resting appearance of an Aar-aori is reptilian, with shiny blue scales and long arms and legs. Their arms end in blade-like fins, but most Aar-aori shift them into usable arms. Their heads resemble crocodilians, with long snouts and sharp teeth. Male Aar-aori have bright yellow eyes, while females have burnt orange eyes.

Their tails end in two fins pointing vertically up and down, similar to sharks.


Aar-Aori are a carnivorous species, eating a range of creatures in the Sarabar Swamp. They usually cook their food, but rarely flavour it with any spices. One of the only times Aar-Aori flavour their meals are fried blood frogs.


Aar-Aori are found across the Sarabar Swamp, but in recent years some groups have migrated to the Silent Slough, where blood frogs don't live, as they have killed off a third of the entire Aar-Aori population.


Most species who can shape shift relies on their naturally born magical prowess. Aar-aori were gifted this ability from the God of Mischief, Erujiya. Erujiya saw the Aar-Aori's point of view on harmonids and agreed that they weren't fit to rule Greenerth. Shape shifting with magic is incredibly hard for harmonids to execute, so to give the Aar-Aoris easy access to shapeshifting gave them power over harmonids. Plus, Erujiya was a big fan of mischief, as that is his whole existence, so introducing a new species that could shapeshift would cause a lot of mischief to occur.

Aar-Aori are not limited to size, shape, or anything when it comes to shapeshifting. They are also able to flawlessly mimic sounds, and have the knowledge of every language in the universe, also gifted from Eurjiya.

Civilisations & Culture

Historical Figures

The most famous Aar-Aori is Sfm-a, who works with the PA (People's Association). The people's association document every sentient species in the Yonderverse, and with Smf-a's shapeshifting ability, they are able to sneak into secret locations and document on the rarer sentient species, such as rocklins on Greenerth.


Castara is the capital city of the Aar-Aori, constructed out of the earth itself and is hidden from outsiders with the use of shapeshifting magic. On the surface, the city appears rather drab, made of mud of different shades of brown, and is very dimly lit. Underground however, is a side of the city that is much more colourful and bright. This portion of the city is hidden underneath several metres of muddy swampwater, and is only accessible via several large wells that you must swim down.

Hatred of Harmonids

The Aar-Aori are notorious for their view on harmonids, a very negative one at that. Aar-Aori see harmonids as very similar to humans, in how they treat the planet, so naturally they disagree with their way of lives and have attempted to hide their civilisations from them. Humans are the most infamous species in the Yonderverse for the way they treated their planet, and any species that remotely resemble humans are frowned upon.
200 years
Average Height
Resting state - 5ft - 6ft
Geographic Distribution

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