A-Planets is short for asteroid planet. A-Planets are large asteroids that are big enough to qualify as a dwarf planet. A-Planets are not official dwarf planets, as they do not support plant life. A-Planets support little animal life however, for example godrills are found to live on A-Planets, as well as their primary prey, shorps.


This large mass of rock is generally incredibly bare, the entire planet is made of a chunk of rock, with some interesting landforms, rarely finding caves with exposed minerals and crystals, but more often is the entire planet very flat and boring.


A-Planets are limited to 4 species, godrills, cyclops tadpoles, pitter snakes and shorps. Godrills prey on the shorps, which photosynthesizes from the Sun.   Godrills will build homes using the rock, constructing detailed houses with the limited materials.

Fauna & Flora

Since A-Planets cannot grow plants, little life exists here. Only a few species call these rocky objects home.


Shorps, or UETO-3-WDC, are large, antelope like creatures that roam on the dry, desolate landscape, using photosynthesis to stay alive. Their bright, neon colours attracts attention from their predators, godrills.


Godrills, or UETO-2-PAB, is the current apex predator on A-Planets. Their menacing stance, coupled with their bulky figure makes for an impressive predator. They are smart too, some have constructed small homes out of the rocks, where they sleep during random time periods as they are neither diurnal nor nocturnal.

Pitter Snake

Pitter snakes, or UETO-7-TSB, are small reptiles that live in pits, dotted about the land. TSB stands for tiny snake ball, referring to the ball they make when they nestle together, sleeping during nights.

Cyclops Tadpole

These massive amphibians live in the ponds and lakes of A-Planets. They are so common, they can drain all the water out of the ponds and then die, due to a lack of water. They get their name from the one large eye on their heads, similar to cyclopes.

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