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Wintersnap Grapes

This cold-loving fruit is common to the northern climes of the Western Marches. It predominately grows in the duchy of Eletherell, but enterprising vintners have brought it to Avila and Krain in special circumstances. It is identifiable by the white shade of its skin and the fact that it's growing season is in midwinter.


Material Characteristics

Wintersnap grapes grow in bunches of 5-20, smaller bunches than other species of grapes. Their skin is pure white. They grow on vines of Wintersnap Ivy, which are a form of fast-growing evergreen ivy. The grapes first appear in the autumn, but are not ripe enough for picking until the middle of winter. In the remaining seasons, wintersnap is indistinguishable from other forms of evergreen ivy.

History & Usage


Wintersnap grapes are not native to the Material Plane; In fact, they can trace their origins to the Midwinter Expanse in the Emerald Realm, that plane which commoners of Segovia know as the Feywild. Considered a delicacy among the elves, it was brought with their colony missions into the New World. Like many other plants and livestock that were a part of early elven culture, Wintersnap vineyards were left unattended when the High Elves of Sapthelion abandoned their outposts in the Western Marches in the early days of the Age of Kings.   The human pioneers of Segovia rediscovered Wintersnap, and within a decade it was a treasured commodity.

Everyday use

Wintersnap are sold as both a fruit for consumption, and for use in making wine, jellies, and oils.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Wintersnap is the National Fruit of Eletherell. Eletherell is the only duchy of Segovia to have a National Plant or Animal (their National Animal is the hart.) Entire treaties have been written between Eletherell and Avila on the basis of Wintersnap trade. Wintersnap is a key component of Avila's enormous wine trade.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Wintersnap grapeseed oil is highly prized as a cooking oil.

Enviromental Impact

Wintersnap grapes grow on vines which resemble evergreen ivy. When left unchecked, this ivy can spread far, and climb up vertical surfaces up to fifty feet.


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