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The Platinum Dragon

Feyr is, by a matter of seconds, the first child of IO. While no lawful deity claims kinghood over another, Feyr's following is the largest and his tenets the most wide-reaching. He is largely concerned with the protection of civilization, the keeping of the peace, and the destruction of evil. While largely in favor of diplomacy, the Dragon of Law never shies from leading his hosts to war against the evils that will not abide the Pax Populi. All chromatic and metallic colors are represented in the glittering of his scales, as he is the father of all dragons.

Divine Domains

Civilization, Justice, Law

Holy Books & Codes

The Holy Courscant- primary religious text of the Following of the Platinum Dragon

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A silver/platinum dragon is the common icon of Feyr, often sitting atop a pair of snow-capped mountains.

Tenets of Faith

A just soul is a noble soul; There is no greater service than uplifting those around you, no greater calling than protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The destruction of evil.

Divine Classification

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