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The Dwarves

The Dwarves are a diverse, civilized race of architects, engineers, stonemasons, and warriors. As such, the noble dwarves are also renowned across Lore for their culture and diplomacy skills. For thousands of years, the dwarves were the slave-race of an ancient Empire, its name long since erased from the histories of the world during the dwarven uprising. As with the humans, history is often written by the victors. With their newfound freedom, they established a technocratic oligarchy, in which the Masters of each caste determined the fate of their people. The ruling council is referred to as the Stone Confederacy, and most bureaucratic functions are handled by the Priesthood. Besides the oligarchy, the dwarves also are in part, governed by the High King of Dwarves and his twenty sons - the Thanes of the Empire. The majority of the dwarves worship what they call the “Old Stone”, a powerful and ancient monument from which they derive many of their old secrets to develop their wonderous technologies. This knowledge has also bled over into their craftsmanship. As such, they are known for their skill with metals and stone-in particular, weapons and armor. Their bright chainmail and ornate halberds are wielded by expert warriors who guard the temples and sanctuaries concerning the “Old Stone”.


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