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Dwarves of the Stone Confederacy - Empire Dwarves

Empire Dwarves

Ability Score Increase +1 Strength
Size Medium
Speed N/A

Features: Low-Light Vision, +5 Hit Points.

Languages. Dwarven, Common



The fair-haired and pale skinned Empire Dwarves are fierce in their dedication to the High King and in their defense of the “Old Stone.” After all, it is the only thing in all of Ohr that has shown them any “kindness” in this terrifying, and new land. They are a stern but optimistic bunch, that enjoy chilly, winter nights around a campfire with their companions telling tall tales and stories about the legends of old. The Bright Elves humor them more than anything, but do genuinely seem to enjoy exchanging tales and examining where they overlap.
Dressed in elaborate furs and cream-colored leathers to cope with the northern winds, the noble Empire Dwarves are not to be underestimated in battle. The nearly impenetrable leather, which has been painstakingly handcrafted with the knowledge bestowed upon them by the Old Stone, can stop even the sharpest of blades, and their height gives them even more of an advantage when closing the gap between themselves and an enemy. Recently, the Dwarves of the Stone Confederacy have started making larger leaps in research pertaining to gunpowder and the use of hand-cannons.
One should not cross blades of steel or wit with an Empire Dwarf. Ye may find yerself blacked out, pants-down in the muck, with a note of the *sincerest* apologies wedged in between yer nether cheeks.

Empire Dwarves
Parent ethnicities

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