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Dwarves of the Greywater Morass - Swamp Dwarves


The Swamp Dwarves are locked in a seemingly eternal struggle with the Grung of the Greywater Morass. Since the savage Grung lost their own home to behemoth-like creatures much stronger than they and relocated to the swamps, they have desecrated the Swamp Dwarves’ effigies and sanctuaries, and raised their own in reverence to their decaying, putrid gods. The Dwarves of the Greywater Morass are deeply spiritual and took extreme offense to this encroachment. Clad in muddied rags of leaves and twine to help them blend in with the morass, they launched the offensive and have been at odds with the Grung ever since. Deeply superstitious, the dwarves claim every Grung hide as an offering to the Earth Spirit, and insist that they are cleansing the Morass as a way to preserve the balance of the land.
The Greywater Morass was already extremely dangerous before the Grung arrived, and their hostile presence has upset the balance and caused the ecosystem to spiral out of control. As a result, the dwarves have learned to adapt to their surroundings, blending into the mud and foliage, and have mastered the art of laying discreet traps all throughout the Morass. Beneath the layers of dirt and mud, are short, scraggly, black beards and thick mops of black or gray hair. They do not care much for hygiene, as they like to smell as natural and earthy as possible. One would argue that it "strengthens " their connection to the Earth Spirit, and is in turn a spiritual act of cleansing.

Naming conventions

Sami | Finnish | Hungarian

Adventuring Age

50-200. (Live to be around 350 years of age.)

Swamp Dwarves

Ability Score Increase +1 Dexterity
Size Medium
Speed N/A

Features: Low-Light Vision, Proficiency in the Stealth Skill.

Languages. Dwarven, Common

Parent ethnicities

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