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Dwarves of the Free Marches - Hill Dwarves


The plucky Dwarves of the Free Marches live for today and believe in taking risks and pushing boundaries. (This might have something to do with their lifespan being the shortest of all the dwarves.) They spend their days drinking, crafting, and building up their communities in the hills. Most Hill dwarves are easily distinguishable by their bright, auburn hair, but it is not unheard of to see some with blonde or brown hair as well. However, black-haired Hill dwarves are almost never seen, and are always judged as an omen of ill-will and bad luck-a sign of being touched by a dark, Elder being they simply refer to as “the Shadow”. The “shadow-touched” are nearly always abandoned at birth, or sent away to some distant cousin in the Empire, where they can live a life away from prejudice and danger. Hill dwarves do not specialize in any specific fighting style or weapon skill set. They vary from fighters, to archers, to healers and clerics. A distinguishing feature that does set them apart from other dwarves in battle, is their battle shouts and morale boosting chants. The hill dwarves are used to adjusting to a variety of terrains, and delight in using intimidation tactics and guerilla warfare to demoralize and frighten their enemies.

Parent ethnicities

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