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The Alchemist Adventurer

Some scholars attempt to unlock the secrets of the world by focusing on the magical energies that formed it. They look past the material to try to understand the energies within. You take a different approach. Why break things down and look for obscure energies, when those energies will release themselves? All it takes is the mixing the right combination of often mundane physical matter, and magic will take care of itself! You are an Alchemist! You have learned - and will continue to learn - how to mix substances together ian order to release their hidden, magical powers. You are not a spellcaster; you are a craftsperson. But the effects are more or less the same. In fact, you can achieve some things that traditional spellcasters cannot.

In theory, anyone with the correct formulas and a little practice can create alchemical products. But the true alchemist can do more. The true alchemist knows how to add a secret ingredient: a bit of their own alchemical essence. By doing so, the true Alchemist need not spend days of time and money to achieve results; they can create at least a limited number of their products on demand.

The Alchemist's Research Field

There are three fundamental branches within the field of Alchemy; every alchemist selects one when they begin their study. Some start out their careers because of a fascination with things that tend to release their secrets in an explosive fashion. Explosions of fire or acid, sudden bursts of freezing cold or defeaning peals of thunder; these are the results sought by the Bomber. Others focus on mixing elixirs that will cure wounds or diseases, or neutralize poisons; these are the Chirurgeons. FInally there are the alchemists who explore ways to alter the nature of Folk, whether by enhancing senses or altering physical attributes; these are the Mutagenists. But whichever specialty an alchemist begins with, they will almost certainly end up at least dabbling in the others from time to time; there are no boundary walls between the fields of research.  

Roleplaying the Alchemist

Exploring the World
You are always on the lookout for potential ingredients for new and more interesting formulas. You are not just a craftsperson, you are a collector of exotic materials. You may even use your skills to better explore the world around you. Mutagenic elixirs that improve the senses or boost awareness might mean earlier warnings of danger or success at finding hidden treasures.
Dealing with Other Folk
Your interactions with other folk may will depend entirely on how you prefer to practice your trade. Most Folk are somewhat fearful of being around people that make things explode all the time. On the other hand, a person who always has antidotes and cures available can be quite popular.
During Combat
You will find yourself filling at least one of two roles. If alchemical bombs are your specialty, your part in combat will be to use those bombs to attack at range. Care must always be taken, though, since most alchemical bombs tend to do a bit of collateral damage even if they strike their targets. Some alchemists gain the skills necessary to minimize or eliminate this threat. Alternatively, if mutagens are your specialty, you may turn from mild-mannered adventurer into a howling beast leaping into combat with a foe. Finally, the chirurgeon is always welcome after combat is finished; healing elixirs and poison antidotes could be what keeps an adventuring party alive for the next encounter.
Between Adventures
With enough downtime, you can devote your efforts to producing the more permanent versions of your elixirs, bombs, mutagens, or other alchemical products that make adventuring life easier. Some of these may be dedicated to use by the adventuring party in the future; but some may be sold to others in order to earn some coin.


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