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Tea-Time at the Almost Home Tavern

ea-time at the Almost Home is a time to relax and share the company of friends. Served during the Lateday Watch hours, it provides the quick pick-me-up that any good Halfling needs to make it through the rest of the working day, re-energizing the body while the pleasant company and conversation re-energize the spirit.

Tea-time service begins with - not surprisingly - a cup of tea for a single order, and a full teapot for a table order. Traditional tea is served by default, but for a slightly higher charge, the mint tea, Tyrnabay spiced tea, or even Kafay can be provided instead. Both traditional ("kingdom") style and Icefell style Kafays are always available.

A single serving order produces a plate stacked with scones and seasonal fruit tarts, and a second plate containing finger sized pieces of thinly sliced bread spread with a thick, meaty paste. This spread is made from a house-secret recipe of herbs and finely ground cooked fish filets. Butter, clotted cream, and assorted jams, jellies, and marmalades are provided on the side. Table orders bring more plates with higher stacks.


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