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Nightcap at the Almost Home Tavern

ith the big meal of the day completed, what more could a Halfling need to spend a pleasant evening among friends? For the patrons of the Almost Home tavern, recounting tales of old - or perhaps of the day just passed in the marketplace... throwing a few darts... raising a tankard in memory of an old friend or relation... these are things worth doing - and doing enough of them works up an appetite! And the tavern aims to be sure that no appetite goes unsated. During the hours of the Midnight Watch, the kitchen is prepared to provide sustenance in the form of what Halflings refer to as a Nightcap.

Nightcap "snacks" can consist of many things. A dish called "hash" - a plate of diced potatoes, mixed together with other vegetables and small pieces of sausage or unfinished roast game all fried together and topped with brown sauce - is served to those who seek a meal at midnight. In the colder times of the year, a warming bowl of soup will be served alongside, while in the warmer seasons, a few wedges of various cheeses will be provided. Slices of bread, which seems to be fresh-baked regardless of when it is served at the tavern, will always accompany as well. A few scones and tea cakes complete the offering. If a table-full of Nightcap is ordered, the soup and hash are served in a crock and large bowl, respectively, and three plates piled high with baked goods accompany the rest.

Chef Livinia Barrowfoot usually departs the kitchen for the evening after dinnertime - once she is sure her assistants can handle requests for the rest of the night in the tavern. But from time to time, she lingers in the kitchen, and may decide to surprise patrons with tidbiits of some sumptuous delicacy that she mastered in her travels years ago. Many of the tavern regulars make it a point to see if Livinia is still "working" before they leave the tavern; if she is, they will instead remain to see if Nightcap will contain a special treat.


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