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Late-Night Snack at the Almost Home Tavern

y the time Midnight Watch ends, most of the regulars at the Almost Home have called it a night and headed home. But there are always a few that linger, and they are joined by another few that are only wandering into the still-open tavern after a long day on the road or working at a job with unusual hours. Since these folk are likely to be as hungry as any others, the kitchen of the tavern is always ready with a late Snack even during the Vigil Watch - at least until the tavern closes midway through the watch.

Vigil Snack is simple fare, and usually consists of plates of cheese and cold meats. Slices of the evening's roasts are served alongside cold sausages and fingers of bread lathered with fish paste. As always, there are slices of bread, and it is all served with whatever butter, jam, jelly, or marmalade the patron would like. If any scones or tea cakes made it through Nightcap, these will be offered as well.


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