Idioms of Cartyrion

There are rumors of a strange world where the gods are quiet and magic doesn't work... a place called Earth. There are also rumors that from time to time, some folk from this strange world find their way to Cartyrion. In order to help these travellers better understand the Folk they encounter here, it would help to provide a brief guide as to some of the more common colloquial expressions they may hear from time to time.
There are a number of situations or conditions that one may find oneself in that have come to have rather colorful linguistic expressions associated with them - and most times, the particular expression used will depend on who it is that is speaking. Different races, and even different cultures within races, have different sets of values and norms of behavior; these often will affect how expressions are coined. Following are a few of the most common situations or conditions, and for each, a number of colloquial expressions are provided.

Somebody's Mental Acuity Isn't Up to Normal Standards
Speakers of the English language on earth have a number of expressions for this. A few bricks short of a load... a few cards short of a deck... the elevator doesn't reach the top floor... and so on. Here are the Cartyrion equivalents:
  • The Seafarer Dwarves might say, "His anchor don't reach bottom".
  • The Waverider Birdfolk, another sailor culture, might say, "His sheets are fouled". This expression refers to rigging ropes on a ship. A knotted rope (fouled sheet) won't travel through a block and tackle properly, and thus can't properly secure a sail.
  • Residents of the City of Icefell, known for its Kafay beverages, might say, "She's a few pits short of a brew".
    This refers to not having enough roasted Kafay pits needed to make a full-strength beverage.

Somebody is Overly Clumsy
A number of colorful Earth expressions are used here. Two good examples are to describe one as being "like a bull in a china shop", or "like a porcupine in a balloon factory".
  • Folk of many races use the phrase, "They dance like a zombie."
  • The Folk of the Feywood might say that one... "...has the grace of a bugbear."
  • The Dwarves might say, "Like a goblin with a tindertwig." A Tindertwig is a small stick that can be used to easily light fires; the expression refers to the fact that goblins are perceived as rather careless when it comes to fire or explosions.

Somebody is Unlucky
There are a number of gods and goddesses that are attributed with determining the luck, or unluck, of individuals. Thus...
  • An Elf might say, "Shylea isn't happy with them right now."
  • A Dwarf would say, "Gimna isn't smiling right now."
  • A Human or Halfling might say, "Multalius is winning today."
Then there are the Awkwana - the Birdfolk - who have an entire subculture into which the chronically unlucky are relegated. They would think an unlucky person belongs to that culture, and thus would simply ask, "Is that one Affected?"


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