Green Hag

Green Hags are a Gremlin subspecies, the corrupted form of Limoniads. Once guardians of beautiful fields of wildflowers, they now despise anything pretty, bright or colorful, They delight in sowing discord where they can, as they seem to derive enjoyment from witnessing the discomfort of others.

If it were not for their drab green skin tones, Green Hags might be mistaken for ancient mortals, most likely of elven or human heritage. They have the wrinkled skin and hunchbacked stature of one who has lived long past their prime. They make their homes far away from any others, building crude wooden, stone, and mud huts. They then take great pains to ensure that no wildflowers or anything that could be considered "pretty" by mortals, lives within several hundred feet of that hut, leaving nothing but sparse, patchy grass and bare earth. They will poison any trees they cannot cut down, leaving the dead limbs and branches.

The only exception to this may be a small farmed patch of wild onions and garlic with which they season the fresh meat they live on. They are adept at setting snares for small wildlife, and will also coerce nearby gremlins such as mitflits and jinkins to do some hunting for them. Some have subjugated creatures such as trickster fey or even ogres using their magic, using these to perform menial tasks around their huts. Apart from these subjugated creatures, green hags keep to themselves.
Green Hag
Fey, Gremlin
Original Nymph
Medium, 5ft (150cm)
Common: forest, forest edge, grassland
Uncommon: mountain

Green Hags have retained an affinity for the magic of the world, though their abilities tend toward effects that cause destruction and chaos. On rare occasions, though, three or more hags join forces to implement some grander plan for creating disharmony in the world. These groups may consist only of green hags, but tree hags, rock hags, or even night hags can be included as well. These groups will not live together, but will meet regularly to connive and work their magical evil. Hag covens, as these groups are called, are powerful enough to act as patrons of sorcerers. They then use those sorcerers to wreak havoc among the folk in insidious ways - just to watch the "fun" unfold.


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