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Gearing Up

There is no concept of "Character Class" in the Laurels & Loot system; a character's abilities are defined partly by their Acquired Specialties, but mostly by the equipment they carry on an adventure. Over time, a single character may amass possessions that allow them to function as melee fighters, skilled archers, stealthy burglars, and wielders of powerful magic. But they probably won't be able to carry all that equipment with them on every adventure they embark upon. In Laurels & Loot, the gear in the inventory determines a character's abilities during any gaming session.

The equipment carried by an adventurer can be separated into three categories:
  • Armor and Shields
  • Weapons
  • Other Gear
  • Credits

    The Laurels and Loot Rule System is published by Bob O'Brien
    It is available to all in accordance with the Creative Commons (Attribution) license
    (Creative Commons 4.0 International License)

    Laurels and Loot Rules are derived in part from the following sources:
    Knave 2.0 TTRPG System Rules published by Ben Milton
    in compliance with
    (Creative Commons 4.0 International License)

    The banners on these pages was composed with art attributed to:
    b0red from Pixabay (treasure chest image)
    Gordon Johnson from Pixabay (laurels image)

    The side panels are composed with art attributed to:
    Evelyn Chai from Pixabay (dungeon passage)


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