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Garnat Windjammer, the Scourge Himself

"Three ship to starboard, cap'n! And they're flyin' the Ship an' Swords!"
"Damn it all! It's the Scourge. An' we'll never make port a'fore she'll be in catapult range."
— Lookout's call and Captain's reply on the First Kingdom Ship Sovereign's Pride
The pirates of the western kingdom of Tyrnabay are known and feared across all of Cartyrion , but few are feared by the Folk around the Inner Sea more than the High Captain of the privateer company known as the Scourge of the Waves. In fact, Garnat WIndjammer's reputation is such that he is often referred to as the Scourge Himself - the very reason the company has its name.

The The Wolf's Bay Free Traders' League of Tyrnabay divides up the seas of Cartyrion for plundering rights, so for a three year period every fifteen years or so, the Folk around the Inner Sea can expect to be visited by the fleet under Garnat WIndjammer's command. The Folk, especially those of the First Kingdom, do not look forward to these periods. While all of the Tyrnabay pirates are nuisances, the Scourge's fleet is known for leaving few of its prize ships left afloat.

"That's the 'Vengeance', all right... the Scourge himself... we'll be wastin' our efforts tryin' t' run or fight, and I'd rather not die tired. Officer of the Deck... have the crew strike the sails, stow the catapults, and come to formation on deck. Let's get this over with as quickly as we can.
— Captain's of the First Kingdom Ship Sovereign's Pride

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Years
Garnat was born in the city of Amethyst Cove, Garnat was raised according the Seafarer culture of the Dwarves. He showed remarkable seamanship talents from the very beginning. Like others of his culture, he went to sea on his tenth birthday - his Sailing Day, serving aboard a merchant ship called the Seachest, captained by his Aunt, Ellatrude Anchorstone. Over the next several years, he demonstrated remarkable aptitude for navigational skills and understanding the subtle ways in which sails and wind interacted. He surprised his aunt when, just before his eighteenth birthday, he declared he was ready for his Arrival Day trial -- a full two years earlier than was customary.
High Captain
Fleet Commodore
First Representative to Wolf's Bay Free Traders' League
Date of Birth
28 Time of Aanarakka's Staff, 1899CR (271 yrs old)
Turquoise blue
Medium brown - thick, long, and braided
Long beard of same color and similar braids
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ruddy, leathery
4'3" (130cm)
185lb (84kg)
Aligned Organization
His Aunt tried gently to dissuade him, for the usual practice when a young dwarf was arrogant enough to request his Arrival ordeal early was to ensure that the trial was additionally difficult. Garnat showed great promise, and it would be a shame to lose his talent because of youthful impatience. But Garnat insisted, and so he was put out in the Great Sea at a point about 300 miles north of Icegate. On his own in a ship's boat with a small sail, some fishing gear, and two kegs of fresh water, he would either navigate his way back to Amethyst Cove, or he would perish trying.
Becoming an Adult
The ordeal was difficult, but Garnat was up to the task. His navigation skills and seamanship allowed him to strike and hold the correct course. After two weeks alone at sea, he encountered a fleet of Dwarven privateer ships that also sailed from Amethyst Cove. While they would not assist him - as Seafarers themselves, they understood the sanctity of the Arrival Ordeal - but they did speak with him. They were amazed at the difficulty of the ordeal set for him by his Aunt, and privately among themselves, they began to place bets on his survival chances. The odds against him were rather high.

They parted ways, but over the remaining eight weeks of Garnat's ordeal, their sails appeared on the horizon several times. The pirates were keeping an eye on the subject of their bets. Finally, though, Garnat reached the docks of Amethyst Cove and was welcomed by his waiting Aunt and the rest of his family and clan. He was now an adult Dwarf, free to decide his own fate.
Becoming a Privateer
Two days later, the privateers who had been monitoring him arrived at the docks. Their captain, Valgar Shipbreaker, congratulated Garnat on his achievement, and informed him that he was the only one among his crew that had actually backed his success in their gambling. Valgar then offered Garnat a position on his ship - a position as Chief Navigator.

Garnat was dumbstruck. His Aunt had already offerend him a position as one of her junior officers - a position that was already impressive for one as young as he. But this privateer Captain was offering a position that amounted to being Second in Command! When Garnat asked why, Valgar merely said, "Ye navigated the Great Sea better than me own Navigator. Either ye're gods-blessed or good, and either way, ye'll be welcome on my ship."

Garnat, impatient for adventure, decided that while life with the privateers would be far more dangerous, it would also be far more exciting than serving on a merchant hauler. The fact that Valgar was also of the Skywatcher Clan helped his decision. He accepted, and thus joined the company of pirates that called themselves the Scourge of the Seas. He was well accepted by the crew - all except Strogril Seaskimmer, the navigator he replaced. But as Strogril was also a Skywatcher, and no Dwarf would bring harm to a Clansmate, there was little he could do but satisfy himself with a position on another ship.
Command of the Fleet
For the next fifteen years, Garnat learned the skills unique to a privateer: how to overtake a ship... and more importantly, how to lead a group of Folk that were far more independent-minded than any formal merchant sailors were. When Valgar decided to retire from his life at sea, his shipmates unanimously declared Garnat their Captain - and at the age of 33, he was by far the youngest Seafarer Captain any could recall. Eventually, the other captains in the fleet came to respect his leadership as well, and at the age of 85 - again far younger than history would have predicted, he was elected Commodore of the Fleet. The entirety of the Scourge of the Waves was under his command.

Since then, he has plied the seas striking terror whereever he went. He insisted that the Free Traders's Compact always be honored, though. He never permitted the fleet to raid outside its designated areas. He also insisted that proper honor and respect be shown to other Dwarves, and especially Dwarves of his Clan. Ships captained by Skywatchers were rarely targeted, and when they were overtaken, they were treated gently. Non-dwarven ships did not fare as well, though. It became Garnat's trademark that after plundering a ship, and giving its crew a simple warning to abandon ship and get clear, ships they pirated would become "target practice" for the catapults and ballistae of his fleet.

"A rich cargo ye had there, Captain. Me crew and I thank ye for not makin' too much of a fuss over it. Now, I'd suggest ye get ye're crew into yer longboats and put some water twixt ye and this ship... Ye didn't fight before, ye see, and me crew are in need of some target practice. I'm afraid ye're ship won't be carryin' ye home t' port.
— Garnat WIndjammer to the Captain's of the First Kingdom Ship Sovereign's Pride


To date, Garnat Windjammer's Scourge of the Waves company has plundered and sunk over one hundred and forty vessels around the seas of Cartyrion, including thirty six of the the First Kingdom's best merchant-at-arms ships.

Opinions of Others

The First Kingdom has placed a price on Garnat's head, offering 10,000 coins of gold to anyone who brings the pirate to Elderkeep - dead or alive. Other kingdoms and private trading companies have also offere lesser rewards.

Besides the ports of Tyrnabay themselves, of course, there is one port where Garnat Windjammer feels safe and welcome enough to make port: Baron's Point in the kingdom of Felisea. He has an arrangement with the City not to raid ships that fly the Baron's Point flag in return for this privilege.

"There goes the Sovereign's Pride, to 'er grave beneath the waves. At least he let all of us live. Pity though that the Captain refused to join us in the boats, but I'll credit him for his honor. The Sovereign himself commissioned 'im... he wouldn't abandon the ship in his charge."
— First Mate of the Sovereign's Pride watching the burning ship - and its captain - slip beneath the waves


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