Come to the Feywood

The world is a big place. A new adventurer needs to start somewhere!

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by DarkWorkX
The Forest called simply "the Feywood" has stood since the first trees were created on Cartyrion. It is a place of wonder... and danger.

It is a place where dryads still protect their trees, naiads guard the clear-running streams, and the lesser fey enjoy the wonders of the untouched world. It is the home of one of the oldest Elven enclaves on all of Cartyrion.

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by Mystic Art Design

The years have seen the Forest grow and shrink again and again as the adventurous folk: men and orcs, gnomes and goblins, wizards, priests, and creaures both noble and foul have pushed against its borders.

Settlements, temples, and towers of powerful wielders of the Arcane and Occult Arts have risen, only to be brought down by conflict... or time... or both. Like all of Cartyrion, the Forest has seen the devastations of the Great Strife, but it has endured.

Now the adventurous folk are coming again.

You can be one of the trail-blazers!

Journey to the Bugbear's Head Inn, a safe haven deep in the Forest. Assemble your party. Explore the forests that have been untouched since they first grew.
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by DarkWorkX

Brave the dark marshes where remnants of the dark powers unleashed during the Strife still linger.

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by Martin Schuschi

Seek lost treasures in the rubble of long-forgotten towers and temples.

Become a part of the ever-unfolding story of the Feywood.

-- Descent by Houses of Heavens

The Feywood is a regional setting for use with the World of Cartyrion fantasy RPG system - a system based on the well-known d20 OGL reference documents and their recent derivatives.

The Feywood provides setting and adventures for character parties of Level 1 to 3, and puts special emphasis on opportunities to explore all the nuances of the game system.

And of course, to combat the monsters of the world!

Cover image: Avenue Trees by Darkworkx (on Pixabay)


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29 Jun, 2020 10:04

This is well laid out. I particularly like how you worded it as an invitation into your world. As a player this would definitely peak my interest in playing in your world.