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Brunch at the Almost Home Tavern

lmost Home opens each day ready to provide its patrons with a hearty Brunch worthy of any Halfling table. Whether ordering a single serving or a meal for the table, a variety of tasty treats awaits. Brunch is served daily during the Midmorning Watch hours - as soon as the doors of the tavern are opened for the day.

Those who order a meal for one will be provided a large platter containing three eggs cooked to order (fried, poached, scrambled, hard or soft boiled). Three healthy slices of Dwarven Bacon, three fried sausages, and a ladle full of diced fried potatoes will complete this dish. A bowl of a thick sauce made from butter and egg yolks is provided on the side, as is a slightly spicy, dark, vinegar-infused sauce. A second dish will contain a stack of three pancakes and two thick slices of egg-dipped bread fried in dwarven bacon fat; these items will be patted liberally with butter and drizzled with maple syrup. Two slices of toasted bread with small jars of butter, strawberry jam, and imported tyrnabay marmalade also accompany the meal. Finally, a bowl of fresh, seasonal fruits and/or berries topped with a thick whipped, sweetened cream rounds out the meal.

Ordering for the table will result in all the same treats, but each item will be served on its own platter. The pancake and egg-dipped bread stacks are twelve high each, and the maple syrup and butter are served on the side.


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