About The Astralar

The Astralar are not a single race, but rather a collection of races of supernatural beings that dwell among the Outer Planes. The more powerful among them are responsible for the creation (the Awakenings) of the major intelligent races or ancestries found on Cartyrion.

Not all Astralar are powerful enough to become deities, though. In fact, the vast majority of them do not - instead they serve as minions - servants and messengers - of their more powerful brothers and sisters. In the time of the Great Strife, armies of Astralar squared off against one another in the heavens just as armies of mortals squared off on Cartyrion.

Mythology & Lore

As first representatives of each of the Astralar races arrived, they attracted others of their kind. Some, but not all of these were of sufficient power to become deities in their own right. Others were content merely to live among the more powerful - hoping to learn from them and gain in strength so that someday they, too, could follow the Creator of Worlds to some new creation and elevate themselves to godhood. But in the meantime, they are content to serve as companions and minions of their more powerful brothers and sisters.

It was not just the Astralar that established their presence in the demi-plane of Cartyriar and projected their influence to the World of Cartyrion. Powerful Diabolic and Demonic Fiends also took up residence here - or directed their more powerful minions to do so. These creatures of the lower planes clash often with the Astralar, and these clashes often spill over to their followers on Cartyrion. It was one such clash - the greatest one to date - that resulted in the Great Strife that nearly shattered the World some 2000 years ago. That clash ultimately caused all involved to recognize that their powers could easily destroy everything around them - and leave them with no world to hold dominion over - and so an uneasy truce has existed since.

There are still conflicts, but they are more subtle and less destructive. The various factions of Cartyriar will forever be fighting amongst themselves to increase the slice of Cartyrion over which they hold sway.

Cosmological Views

When the Creator of Worlds first arrived on the scene, the first thing he did was the same thing any good engineer would do - he created a model for his work. Using his skills, he first carved out a demi-plane from the Astral Void, then drew together the energies of the elements to create a mockup of the world he would create. This demi-plane would come to be called Cartyriar.

Cartyriar is not an exact model, but it did contain representative samples of the sorts of features that the Creator of Worlds would eventually implement on his final product. Thus Cartyriar is home to vast rocky plains, imposing mountains, and great seas. The elements are not as refined as they would be in his final work, so there are also great lava fields and volcanoes, and in some areas huge storms with fierce winds sweep across the landscape and seas. This was, after all, just his “practice world”, so he didn’t concern himself with final details.

After fiddling around with structures and styles on Cartyriar, the Creator of Worlds set his attention to the real product: the World of Cartyrion. As he shaped the world, he focused the Elemental energies that he had gathered into himself and directed them outward beyond Cartyriar’s planar limits and into the Prime Plane to create the world. But when he was finished, and moved on to another region of the multiverse to ply his craft elsewhere, he left Cartyiar as well as Cartyrion. And, more importantly, his manipulation of the energies between the two left conduits of sorts through which energies could be more easily directed.

Thus, we can say that the deities of Cartyrion “live” in the demi-plane of Cartyriar - a demi-plane that is linked to Cartyrion itself. While each deity will have its own “home” region, they are all nonetheless in close enough proximity to each other that they can interact - and clash - with each other from time to time.


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