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    Prayers by Yopo
    Ahk Hello, Ahk. My name is Yopo. I understand you have power over laws and governments. I come from the City of the Undead, where there is no justice. The evil prey on the weak. Our ruler is a terrible red-skinned monster named Prince Harut and he tortures and murders people for fun. Could you please kill Prince Harut and place a better ruler in charge of that city? One that will care about the people and show kindness. Thank you.   Andor Hello, Andor. My name is Yopo and I am praying that you will protect the body and soul of my friend Juk. May she never be risen as a bony or a flesh-eater or any of the other terrible monsters that come from dead bodies. Juk was good and she deserves to rest. I would also ask that you look for my little brother, Eddub. He was killed when we were both small and became a bony. As far as I know he is still a mindless slave somewhere in the City of the Undead. He’s a goblin, about one foot tall, and was only one year old when he got killed. Thank you.   Allyra Hello, Allyra. My name is Yopo. I met Fren, one of your holy men, and he was good to my friends and I. Thank you for leading us to him, or him to us. He gave us help when we were being hunted and was the first human to ever treat me nicely. If all your holy men are that nice, then I guess you must be a nice goddess too. My friends and I are traveling more and I would ask that you bless us with fair weather during our travels. Thank you.   Dara Hello, Dara. My name is Yopo. I have traveled more in the last month or so than I have my entire life up to that point. I know you protect travelers and I want to thank you for protecting me and my friends. This has been a long and perilous journey for us, but we have had no troubles on the road that we couldn’t overcome. I pray that you will continue to protect us as we continue to travel. We are headed to Halmir soon. After that, I don’t know.   Ellina Hello, Ellina. My name is Yopo and I come from the City of the Undead. It is currently ruled by a terrible monster named Prince Harut. I don’t even know if he’s a real prince, but he calls himself that. He is a horrible ruler who delights in cruelty and murder. The city is overrun with bonys and evil. As the goddess of rulers, would you not agree that he shouldn’t be in charge? I pray that you please kill Prince Harut and replace him with a better ruler. Someone good and wise who loves their people. I wasn’t even sure if rulers like that existed, but in Pinebrook and Vinestead I have seen how nice it is to live under good rulers. The people in the City of the Undead have suffered for a long time and I wish they could be happy and safe like the other cities. Thank you.   Quitari Hello, Quitari. I’m Yopo. There wasn’t much music where Juk and I grew up, but she was a bastion of joy in a city of horror. I pray that you will look after her soul and let her have an afterlife full of music and joy. Thank you.   Rhiannon Hello, Rhiannon. My name is Yopo and I have to confess I don’t really know what a “fey” is. I’ve never seen one, but they sound neat. People say they are fun and happy, but also tricky. Most of the new creatures I have met since leaving my hometown have tried to kill me, so I would love to meet a friendly fairy at some point. Thanks.   Sivan Hello, Sivan. Remember me, from the underground? I was wondering if us moving that statue of Captain Scott had anything to do with the earthquake that hit Pinebrook. I hope not. Please give me a sign if you want us to put the statue back. We only took it because we saw the face of Val in it. She was a wise and wonderful woman from back home. She died trying to save us and her magical power seems to be living on in LightFace. I also want to thank you for not taking the life of the little dwarf boy who fell into your tunnel. I hope we did the right things there and I also hope I get to travel by ship someday. Thank you.   Scyndar Hello, Scyndar. My name is Yopo and I come from the City of the Undead. I have left my home and hearth because it was a terrible place, but many of my family and friends are still back there. I pray that you will protect their homes, even though they aren’t real houses. We live in the sewers and alleys and little shacks, but it’s home to us. One day I would like to find a new home, a permanent one, where I can live in peace and happiness. I hope the rest of the goblins back home can one day have that too. Thank you. Tylora Hello, Tylora. My name is Yopo and I have a lot of questions. You are the goddess of magic and two of my friends are recently afflicted with magic. LightFace has some kind of weird mark on his chest that none of us understand and Nicodemus’ hands keep turning into black scales like a lizard. Yet, both of them have also been granted wonderful powers. Nicodemus can shoot magic rays at our enemies and LightFace can heal with his hands. These are truly amazing powers, but we don’t know why they happened. If you could please help me and my friends to understand magic better we could use it better, which I think is something you would like? I wish I had some magic too, but I understand you can’t just give it to everybody. Thanks for everything.
      Second Prayer to Dara: "Hello Dara, it's Yopo again. Thank you so much for protecting me and my friends on the road. I could feel the strength you gave me in my body, all the way down to the bones. We have found out some more information about LightFace's symbol and our quest may be taking us into perilous places soon. My friends are celebrating, but I offer you my share of the rum as well as this money."

      Third Prayer to Dara: Two months ago, I never thought I would leave the City of the Undead. One month ago, I thought Halmir would be a haven for my kind. Today, I realize that there are only 3 kinds of goblins in the world: Those who are unhappy in their home, those fleeing to a new home, and those who are unhappy in their new home.

    Every goblin I ever met is running or wishing they could run someday. When they try to settle into human society they stagnate and lose direction.

    I would like to believe that there is somewhere in the world where my people can settle and live and make a happy home for themselves…but I think the reality might be that we are born outcasts. Welcome nowhere, but surviving anywhere. Is it our fate to wander and travel forever? Tell me the truth, even if you think it will break my heart.

    I feel such a passion in my soul for something beyond this life and you are the first deity to ever answer my prayers. I am desperate and scared that we will all die and our escape will have been for nothing. Please, please, please for the love of my two feet that carry me across your blessed world, please protect me and my friends as we journey into the heart of the Mammoth Mountains and seek out the Warsongs. We are on both a literal and figurative journey and I beg for your help in both of them.

    As an offering, I humbly present to you these four gemstones (the yellow 100gp gems). With each one I implore you to protect LightFace (kisses gem, places on altar), Bogdan (kisses gem, places on altar), Orla (kisses gem, places on altar), and myself (kisses gem, places on altar).
    Rest in Peace

    Jük Klueh: Juk died in a warehouse, fightng for her and her party's life, in a sensless battle against thugs. May she rest in peace. Juk had just became an adult and was eight years old. Juk will be buried in Vinestead and her friends will be in attendance.   Orla; Orla dies trying to rescue farmers, left by her party, she was trapped and not able to escape. She was turned into a zombie.
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