Castles & Crusades S3 - The Malady of Kings


But she lingered still, in the world of the living, a haunt barred from The Stone Fields, where the noble dead lie, for a desire so deep death cannot claim her; now, upon the edge of The Wretched Plains her ghost is fearful and restless.
  Gods are moved by greater things than mortal man. Lonely upon his gilded chair St. Luther, Lord of Dreams, sits in restless slumber. He dreams of times long forgotten and people long passed from the world. He knows not that he slumbers, nor that he dreams. He sits, dreaming forgotten dreams, stalking the corridors of his memory, reliving the moments of his life. For ever is it the Malady of Kings that they forget.
  After his long wars, St. Luther , Lord of Dreams, retired to the The Dreaming Sea where he took up residence in the great Castle Pendegrantz. Here he ruled over the Dreams of mortals, forgetting those thoughts of his own. His one true love, Queen Vivienne had died, this he knew; but unbeknownst to him her spirit did not pass to the The Stone Fields where the good rest forever. Instead it lingered in the world, awaiting his return. She haunts her crypt, looking for him and the ring she gave him, and that he promised to return. Her haunting has left the Lord of Dreams troubled, though he does not know why. His mind is ever wandering, attempting to grasp that troubled thought that lies just beyond his vision.
  The crypt, the Friden Anhohe is haunted by her ghost; it is up to the characters to find it, discover who or what she is and to free her from her haunted curse. But they are not alone, for an ancient and vile wizard, who wishes to gain access to the The Dreaming Sea and to St. Luther has learned of her fate and wishes to keep her in her role for it troubles the Lord of Dreams and makes him vulnerable to the wizard's attacks.
  The characters, if they dare take up the mantle of adventure, must take the perilous road that crosses the wilds of Eldwood, flings the upon the face of the turbelent The Dreaming Sea and must at last bring them to the shores of the Isle of Blight where evil has taken root. Here they must solve the riddles of the wizard's sorcery, encounter monsters of epic proportion before ever they come into the presence of St. Luther, Lord of Dreams. Even then danger awaits them for the Lord's slumber is a perilous thing to disturb.

“The Malady of Kings” is an adventure of high fantasy. The module is designed for a group of 4-6 characters of levels 10-12. The lower the level of the characters, the larger the party should be in size (i.e., 6 characters of level 10, 5 characters of level 11, or 4 characters of level 12). A well-rounded party would be helpful. In addition, the party should be of good alignment as the adventure involves aiding the lawful good lesser deity, St. Luther.
  The adventure takes place in three parts and includes the exploration of a crypt, travel on the mystical realm of the Dreaming Sea, and finally an overland trek to St. Luther’s castle upon the Isle of Blight. Though the adventure is set in the world of Aihrde, it easily ports to any setting. Castle Keepers should simply change the names and times as they see fit, and ignore the references to Aihrde mythology and history. Each part of “The Malady of Kings” lends itself to ready play; however, the Castle Keeper should at least skim the module before play to understand the adventure’s structure.


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