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SummerCamp 2021 Pledge Document


Prep Week 1 - The Pledge

This is my first time participating in the summer camp challenge, so please be gentle, I'm still learning ;)   Which project are your worldbuilding efforts tied to?
I am currently setting up the background story and world for a small forum RPG with a few friends. Though I might use it for some short stories, too. But the main focus is to build a world where people can play their characters and experience a few nice adventures and character development throughout the course of the plays.
  What world are you working on?
I will try to focus on this world, which means, sadly that I will write the majority of my articles in German to avoid the hassle of having to translate them later down the line (I will need the material in German in the end).
  However, depending on the prompts and my motivation, and how well they work for this setting, I might work in another world or start a new one if I feel inspired. The plan is to carry on in this one, though.
  Which area of the world(s) are you working on?
I am planning to focus on the otherworld part and the hidden parts of the world, and will focus more on the races and their relationships and government stuff. Humans and proper Characters will probably come much later.
  How much are you aiming to complete?
I want to aim for 10 prompts at least but am hoping to get to 20. It will, however, depend on how easy it will be to fill the prompts with what little I have so far. Since the world itself is fairly new and I have not much content put into it so far.
  When will you write? Who is your support network?
As with all my writing these days I will have to work whenever I am alone at home and have the peace and quiet I need, but I want to use 1-2 hours every other day to fill in the blanks of my world.
As for support ... I do have a few friends that will have to listen to my ravings, but that's about it. I don't really follow any specific podcasts and such other than the world anvil streams on twitch whenever I find the time.  
I hereby swear that I will pay the necessary price in time and effort to the gods of worldbuilding in order to reach at least the Copper Badge.
— Amancham

Prep Week 2 -Organizing my Worldbuilding

Trying to be good little worldbuilder and therefore I will do my homework for week 2, too.  
Pics or it didn’t happen!     So, I am still working things out, since the world is still very empty, but so far, this is what I have come up with, in terms of Categories.   This world mainly features two separate areas: the real world (as the one we live in right now) and the Otherworld where all the supernatural, mystical and mythical beings are hiding from humanity.   Since the otherworld is the main part of this project, I have added various categories there, like races, further information about magic in this world (types of magic, magical items, curses, spells, and all that fun stuff), Groups and organizations, historical events and the places where you can cross over from the real world to the otherworld and vice versa.   I have also added an introduction category at the top to fill with some info bits and add the pledge document to.   Characters will have their whole separate area if I need any. I am currently not planning on creating characters unless I have to for a prompt.   Since I tend to build a lot 'on the fly' I might write a few short stories, situated in this world and I will add those, too.   The last Category is for further information that does not fit in any other category.   Like mentioned before, I am starting on a mostly fresh project for the summer camp, so I will certainly go and add more categories as I see fit, but these were the ones, I thought I really needed from the top of my head.       Image inspiration pool   I have a bunch of pictures already and there will be many more. My inspiration comes from Artbreeder and Pixabay mainly.   I have made a few replacement pictures since I have no custom art whatsoever:   Since I really enjoy the cover images, I decided to make a few for the above mentioned categories:     They also are somewhat inspirational and I still have the complete, unedited images to dive in as inspiration.   Laying it out   Here is my Example Generic Article It is very basic since I haven't used any BBcode so far and am not very creative. I guess this will change over time, but something along those lines will be true for most articles.
I will look into creating/changing the overall design, but for now, I am happy with using a standard design.  

The Prompts & my articles

Since I am only aiming for Bronze, I certainly won't fill all the prompts, but here is a list of the prompts and my articles I wrote for them:  

Copper Prompts (10/10)

A building associated with healing the sick
Höhlen von Pawe
Building / Landmark | Dec 17, 2021
A medical condition which is feared by some
Yokuch mi {Magische Imbalance}
Condition | Dec 17, 2021
A new medical cure, treatment or breakthrouh
Magie-absorbierende Lasur
Technology / Science | Dec 17, 2021
An ethnicity whose cultural exports are highly sought after
Ethnicity | Dec 17, 2021
An extraordinary writing tool (or type of writing tool)
Chtowwets Feder
Item | Dec 17, 2021
An area or geographical landmark wrapped in myth, legend or superstition
Geographic Location | Dec 17, 2021
A myth about a mountain, lake, cave or other landmark
Der gefallene Engel in der Schwesternbucht
Myth | Dec 17, 2021
A myth or fairytale about a prophecy, oracle, fortune-telling or other revelation
Die Rückkehr der Dämonen
Myth | Dec 17, 2021
A festival associated with a celestial body
Das Fest des wachsenden Mondes
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 17, 2021

Silver Prompts (10/10)

An inhospitable region or geographical landmark
Geographic Location | Dec 17, 2021
A plant or animal that lives in an inhospitable region
Lebende Flammen
Species | Dec 17, 2021
An ethnicity surviving in an inhospitable region
Ethnicity | Dec 17, 2021
An old or ancient organization which still casts a shadow
Der Orden der Dämonenherrscher
Organization | Dec 17, 2021
A lost or ancient language
Language | Dec 17, 2021
An ancient and/or powerful artifact
Das verbotene Buch der Dämonen
Item | Dec 17, 2021
A religious order founded or based in your world's history
Ǎtichfas Jünger
Organization | Dec 17, 2021
An often undervalued but vital profession
Pawe'sche Begleiter
Profession | Dec 17, 2021

Gold Prompts (10/10)

A building associated with crime or justice
Halle der Gerechtigkeit
Building / Landmark | Dec 17, 2021
A renowned pirate, highwayman or other criminal
Rote Samtpfote
Character | Dec 17, 2021
A unit or squad who guards an important person
Begleiter der Kodea
Military Formation | Dec 17, 2021
A settlement known as a pleasure town or for louche behaviour
Settlement | Dec 17, 2021
A brave hero, who hides a secret past.
Riley Yarbrough
Character | Dec 17, 2021
A romancer, paramour, or other amorous individualA romancer, paramour, or other amorous individual
Henry Baker
Character | Dec 17, 2021
A large business, corporation or trade guild
Pfad nach Oben
Organization | Dec 17, 2021
+-] A vital trade resource that supports a settlement or region
Material | Dec 17, 2021
An industrial, mining, logging or other production settlement.
Settlement | Dec 17, 2021
A title which cannot be bought, only earned.
Mimjina {Zeremoniemeister}
Rank/Title | Dec 17, 2021

Diamond Prompts (1/1)

A bloody coup, rebellion or uprising in your world's history
Die Schlacht am ewig verschlossenen Tor
Military Conflict | Dec 17, 2021

What the future holds …

I would never have thought, I'd make it to Diamond. But I did it and I am quite proud of my accomplishments. However, … now the real work starts. As I mentioned before, it was my first summercamp and I used a pretty fresh and empty world for it. I also fell way more into Encyclopedia-style than I felt comfortable with. I will re-structure, re-write and translate any articles from the summercamp that really fit into the world and the way I want to present it to an audience. All other articles, will remain as they were, for now, though I might move them to a staging world to keep them separate from the world here. I'm not sure about that just yet.  

Last Words: A big thank you

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU! To everyone, who went on this journey with me. I did not win anything, but I knew that would not happen. I have much to learn and improve before I will knock out articles that really speak to a bigger audience. I still had a lot of fun and that is, what it was all about, right?   Thank you to all the wonderful people who came up with prompts for this SummerCamp and thank you to Janet and Dimitris for all the hard work that went into it. I had a lot of fun and even though I probably won't keep all the articles, I enjoyed writing them and my world grew bigger nevertheless.

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Jun 26, 2021 19:58 by Cassandra Sojourn

I love your world's theme! Good luck on Summer Camp; your world looks extremely interesting. I'm going to try to follow along through google translate.

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Jun 26, 2021 21:20

Aw. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad you are liking my approach. I thought about making a mirror-world of this in English, but decided against it, since it would be too much of a hassle to keep both sides updated, sadly. I hope, Google Translate won't butcher it too much :D   I'll snoop around your world some more tomorrow. I really loved your pledge document :)