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For centuries, the Navurian Empire has ruled the vast continent of Navir through both:
Force and Politics.   Although the weapons of the Navurians are second to none, their true strength lies in their economic and political power. No nation is able to stand against the Navurians. No nation except the Rennan in the northern steppes.   On their mounts, which legends say were created from storm and wind, they chase back the Navurian forces with increasing frequency. A stalemate that is met with suspicion by Navurians.   During this ongoing campaign of conquest, Averon, a Rennanian aristocratic heir and respected commander of the city guard, gets caught in the crossfire. When Beschek, his hometown is attacked and his childhood friend Shava is kidnapped, he too was left without a chance and ended up becoming a slave in the mine of a Navuran nobleman.   His journey did not end there, for it was only beginning. On his journey through Navurian lands, he will discover secrets that could ensure not only the downfall of the empire, but that of the entire world.

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