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Summer Camp 2022

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I don't have time for chill.

UPDATE - Copper Reached and Summer Camp Goals completed!!!

I completed 13 of 31 summer camp prompts, which is more than I was expecting to. If you read my pledge, I said that summer camp didn't matter much to me this year as I was more concentrated on the foundations of my world. My goal was to write at least one article, and read 60 Summer Camp articles from other users. I obliterated the reading goal, though it is heavily weighed towards the first prompt.

Summer Camp Pledge

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I will be participating in Summer Camp this year, but only if I can work the prompts into my world. This whole summer has been dedicated to laying the foundations for Vreathe as I rewrite this world, from its geography and nations, to its magic system. I rewrote several articles and am already starting several more. Examples of the foundation work I've started since the beginning of the month are linked to the right, and pretty much anything I write in this world next month will be based on that.

I don't have any article or word goals. It doesn't matter if I only write a single article through the entire month of July, or I write 31 articles for both of my worlds. It doesn't matter to me if I spit out a hundred thousand words or ten thousand words. My goal is to get the foundations of Vreathe and the story in place, and pretty much nothing else matters right now. If I had to make any pledge at all, it would be this::

"I, Chrispy_0, Pledge to keep working on my world during Summer Camp, write between 1 and 31 articles, and read/comment on 60 or more articles."
- Chrispy_0

Themes and Early Ideas

Depending on what the specific prompts are, I already have a thousand ideas swirling in my head...


Silver Wastes: The Silver Wastes were originally a lush jungle covering half a continent. Then the Silver Age Cataclysm happened. Most of the plants and animals in the area petrified instantly, as did all the people living there. The once lush jungle turned into a near endless wasteland of statues and sand.

Mountains of Cil: Named for Cillo, the Supreme being of the universe. In the center of the mountains is the trunk of the World Tree, and the city of the gods built within. Good luck getting there though as there are no passes to the location and the mountains are among the tallest in the world

Frozen North: Exploring the massive Glacier that makes up the Northern Continent is not for the weak. Between the eternal blizzard, the colossal frozen body of the God Altus, Giants, Drakes, and the eldritch beings that are imprisoned in the storm, really, just why would you even dare going there?

The Abyss: Also known as the Dark Lands, the Abyss includes the regions of Vreathe that are beyond the light of the Lantern of Heaven, though they are not actually dark lands or any kind of definition of the abyss. Legend has it that the Gods were cast out of Vreathe, but they still try to influence the Middle World from within the Abyss.


The Elder Gods: Also called The Four. They were the first beings in the universe to leave the sight of Cillo. They built Vreathe and nurtured the World Tree. Then one of them desired to see the Tree be destroyed and everything started falling apart.

Saint Nora: Last of the Four. She gave up her immortality to save the humans. She lived for nearly a thousand years after she lost her godly power, starting the religion of Sillism, teaching the people about the elder gods and the cautions of power.

Vernadors of Cassel: Can be a history detailing past kings, or I could focus on much more recent rulers. King Eldon the 21st is the current king of the South, though he also took over the North and Western kingdoms recently. His sister Larielle has a claim to the throne but she gave up her royal titles. There is also the missing heir to the Northern Throne, but they have been running from their destiny for years now.

Ren, the Dragon General and Arden, the Mageless: These two siblings were subject to magical torture in their training, creating glowing scars all over their body that allow vastly increase mana storage and magic power. They are among the most powerful mages to exist in the Iron Age and are North Cassel's greatest generals.


Magic:Most discoveries that are still unknown on Vreathe involves magic. There are gaps in their knowledge of the chemical elements, and Iron Age scholars are always researching Silver Age texts for new ways to cast magic and weave mana.

Previous Ages of Men: Before the Iron Age, there were three previous ages, one of Bronze, Silver, and Gold. These civilizations are long gone or forever altered. Their secrets lay in great monuments, ruins, and tombs scattered across the world.

Realms Beyond Vreathe: By traveling along the branches and roots of Meliheal, the World Tree, it is possible to gain access to other realms the Gods created long ago. Iron Age scholars know about a few of them, but there are many more yet to be discovered.


Tarcur: Elder God of knowledge, creator of Dragons. Also an evil being that has attempted to destroy the World Tree, and Vreathe by extension, numerous times over the eons. His greatest crimes include the genocide of the Gold Race, and helping Silver Age humans to cause the great cataclysm that forever altered themselves and the world.

Dragons: Tarcur created several races of creatures. His greatest creation was Segra, the Mother of Dragons. Segra went on to divide her power, creating countless variations of dragon, drake, and other creatures. The Silver Race originally made a point to hunt down and kill every last dragon until they joined Tarcur's side. There are still many of them out there, surviving because they slept under the earth for countless years.

Primordial beasts: When the Gods came to Vreathe, they each had their favored creature. When the Gods died or were cast out of Vreathe, their primordial power remained and often finds its way into the creatures they favored, creating magical versions of many animals (and plants) from around the world.

Cairn Sector Theme ideas

I didn't forget about my sci-fi world, even though I'm not really paying attention to it right now. I have a few ideas for what to write depending on the prompts, but we'll see what happens.


City Ruins: All of the great factory cities of the Regalti are abandoned and rotting, overgrown with plants. Even so, they take up a massive portion of the landscape around the plant Collena.


Captain Uul: Commander of the Starship Void Chaser. Somehow I still don't have an article written about this character...


Zilda Marn's Research Notes: She was one of the greatest researchers the Vusinor ever had, but she passed away when she refused to transfer her mind into a new clone body. Zilda's research notes are highly sought after and describe creatures from over a thousand worlds that she visited in her long life..


Void Hives: These mysterious black comets spawn shapeless horrors in the presence of a nearby heat source, ready to devour every last bit of energy before the horrors retreat back to their comets to sleep. They exist in the outer edge of every star system in the Galaxy and possibly universe. This includes the Delvi and Solar Systems.

Also, pretty much anything in this article is fair game. This part of the world is one of the main settings for my story, so working on any article for any animal, any geographic region, any city, any government and more will contribute to building my sci-fi world more. I am technically supposed to be taking a break from the Cairn Sector to work on vreathe, but who knows what might happen?


Summer Camp 2022: Personal Stats

Articles Written: 13/31

Words Written: 19531

Articles Read/Liked: 342

Turns out most summer Camp articles are under 500 words. Was able to read around 75 entries in only a few hours. I am guessing the number of entries is going to be in the thousands though when the month is over, so it will be impossible to read them all.
((Admittedly most of what I read are articles from the first prompt. I'll read the other prompts as the month goes on...))

Multipasses Found: 7

Also ran across 15 worlds that had social features disabled. Unsure if it's because they upgraded their account to Grandmaster and (as many of us discovered) a lot of things were switched around after the upgrade happened, or if they just don't want community interaction.


NOTE: Icons indicate Which world the article was written in.
  • A Globe Icon ( ) indicates the article was written in the Cairn Sector.
  • A Scroll Icon ( ) indicates the article was written in the world of Vreathe.
  • High Effort Articles

    ((Has lots of formatting and images. Has a slightly less, or similar amount of effort put into them as I would during writing challenges))

    1 - The Olimian Wastes

    The Olimian wastes
    Geographic Location | Oct 28, 2023

    The Olimian Wastes are a large desert area on the Argen Continent. Originally a fertile grassland, all that remains is sand and the crystallized remains of everything that used to live there...

    2 - Aetheric Dragons

    Aetheric Dragons
    Species | Oct 28, 2023

    Aetheric Dragons roam the skies above the Olimian Wastes. They attack most humans on sight. Difficult to study, they are more well known from Bronze Age stories of the distant past when Dragon Riders would steal their eggs...

    3 - Therians

    Ethnicity | Oct 28, 2023

    Therians are an ethnic group and culture of Aetheric Dragons. Though you would be forgiven for assuming "Dragons" meant they always took the form of giant lizards...

    4 - Dragon Fruit

    Dragon Fruit
    Tradition / Ritual | Oct 28, 2023

    Called many names, this fruit is able to store magical energy at a far higher capacity than any other fruit on Vreathe. The Therians uses them in one of their most important rituals....

    5 - Moissanite Crystals

    Material | Dec 19, 2023

    Extremely rare Silicon Carbide Crystals. They are used to create nearly indestructible armor and for magically storing memories for long periods of time...

    6 - Zilda Marn

    Zilda Marn
    Character | Dec 5, 2022

    Zilda Marn is a well known Vusinor researcher, lived for nearly 25 thousand years, and has written countless research reports on nearly every possible subject.

    7 - Zilda Marn's Research Notes

    Zilda Marn's Research Notes
    Document | Oct 9, 2022

    The start of a growing collection of notes written by the famed Vusinor Researcher Zilda Marn...

    Low Effort Articles

    ((Has little in the way of proper formatting, images, etc. Just quick ideas gained from the specific Summer Camp Prompts. All are short, quick reads and will be expanded in the future.))

    8 - Argen Vevari Line

    Argen-Vevari Line
    Vehicle | Jul 9, 2022

    The Argen-Vevari Line is a High Speed Mag Lev train that runs 8600 kilometers between the city of Barun-Deth, Vefaria, and Argen, the Silver City...

    9 - Void Hives

    Void Hives
    Species | Jul 31, 2022

    10 - The Three Day War

    The 3 Day War
    Military Conflict | Jul 30, 2022

    11 - White Hair

    White Hair
    Condition | Jul 30, 2022

    12 - Abgrund, City of Armor

    Abgrund, City of Armor
    Settlement | Jul 31, 2022

    13 - Abyss Armor Ceremony

    Abyss Armor Ceremony
    Tradition / Ritual | Jul 31, 2022

    Bonus Articles

    ((Articles that does not fit in any of the prompts or I created the article before the official prompts were revealed. Still created in July though!))


    Author's Notes

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