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Summer Camp Pledge 2022

Summer Camp Pledge 2022

All of Lycen was orange.
Antarah gazed out over the city from the balcony, admiring the handiwork of the hundreds of servants that had been working around the clock for the past twenty four hours to prepare for the coronation. Fiery orange lilies filled every nook and cranny of the capitol, the occasional green stem making the colors even more striking. The deep blue banners of the Wydian Dynasty stood out against the explosion of color, embroidery of real gold woven into roaring bears that stood on their heels. The banners looked small from so high up, but Antarah knew that some of them were over ten feet tall, the product of weeks of work from dozens of talented weavers. Some citizens had even painted their already colorful roofs various shades of blue and orange in celebration of the young princess.
— The Lying Court, Chapter 1

This Summer Camp will be my first year using World Anvil to organize my world notes. I've been working for six years on my universe, and mostly using to help me organize. Watching all my lore be formatted into something beautiful and legible by anyone who wants to makes me so happy, and my goals don't look so far away anymore. I hope I can meet some of those goals this year.

Homework 1

Find Creative Goal
Define Motivation
Identify Challenge Goal
  • Creative Goal: Finish fleshing out my actual countries. I want to see factions with goals, in depth characters, and lands that anyone can explore from my notes at the drop of a hat.

  • Motivation: Get ready to start writing my actual books so I can have functioning settings. I want to be able to start writing and when I run into a problem or hole I can simply look at my notes, see how the world would react, and continue on.

  • Challenge Goal: Diamond, but realistically Silver. I'd like to complete everything, but I know that can't always happen with work.


    Homework 2

      Identify themes of Summer Camp 2022 and how they relate to my world - Expanse
    - Leadership
    - Discovery
    - Monstrous

  • Expanse - there's so many expansive things in my world. Cities, deserts, swamps, miles and miles of magic scarred battlefield; I could spend forever talking about the things that go on forever. Building out those expanses will fill in the large blanks in my world.

  • Leadership - the P/MC(s) of my world all run the world. They take leadership positions in militaries, revolutions, relationships, every role in life. They set an example and live by their rules, and lead others because of it.

  • Discovery - Much of my world building has been done through discovery: my own thoughts leading to new ideas, players asking the right questions, characters uncovering new plot holes (curse them). What is world building if not discovery?

  • Monstrous - conflict is a huge, huge part of my world. Everything has been determined by wars: the war of the Gods, Gods vs Titans, Titans vs mortals, mortals vs mortals, country vs country, country vs itself, everything depends on the conflict and the outcomes of those conflicts.

  • Homework 3

      Find points of Inspiration for my world


    “If loving you is damnation, and losing you is salvation, then by God, I will leap into the deepest pits of Hell with my eyes open and a smile on my face.”
    — Ruith Liaynore, The Lying Court

    • Eletha Evergreen Kingslayer, MC of the Meskaovania Book (title TBD) playlist
    • I use this playlist and many others, one for each of my characters (there's about 25) to build songs that my characters would listen to. I want to find their personalities in the music, so that I can get a feel for the type of person they are. I can't write if I don't know how they would react to a situation, and music comes from the soul.
    • Pinterest Board for Writing and Worldbuilding
    • I've been collecting worldbuilding concept art for about 6 years now. Recently I decided to make a whole new account and sort everything into boards so I could organize where I wanted all the concept art to end up. Everything I use, I link and give credit for, to the original artist if I can.
    • Spotify Writing Playlist
    • This has been a good motivation playlist for many years, and it's all good movie soundtracks that just hype you up. I've been thinning it out for months to find only the badass songs!

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    14 Jun, 2022 17:01

    That's a great creative goal! I think the themes this year will work really great for fleshing out countries. 'Expanse', 'Discovery', 'Leadership', and 'Monstrous' all tie so nicely into either discovering or running a country.   Good luck with your goals and have a great summer camp :D

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    Come explore my competition entry, River Artazia
    16 Jun, 2022 00:27

    Have a great summer camp!

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