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Please remember this is NOT meant to be Ukraine, simply an adjactent fictional nation that is inspired by it and takes pieces of its history to create something new that fits into the vast lore of VISCERIUM.   This is my way of supporting, remembering and imortalising the amazing people of Ukraine and implementing parts of their culture within VISCERIUM regardless of the outcome of the current events.   There have been some amazing shows of solidarity and courage from the people of Ukraine and I feel they deserve more attention in the world, I hope that this could help in some way.   If you can afford to and wish to, please support the people of Ukraine by donating to a charity or supporting a fund like those listed below;
A free Soloveyko is a beautiful Soloveyko, so let all who would invade our lands hear this request: carry seeds in your pockets so they grow where you die.
— Len Zenskyy
  The Soloveyko Republic is a sovereign state. Previously ruled by a communist dictatorship, the Soloveyko Republic declared its independence in 11,891 and has since become a democratic nation.   The vast golden fields of this nation are rigorously patrolled day and night by the Soloveyko Defence Force - the Republic's home army.
Thanks to multiple large rivers running through the heart of Soloveyko, the country has developed a great fire suppression process to preserve its fields, and homes with the help of large dams and water towers.   In addition to these water-based field preservation processes, the Soloveyko Republic has constructed it's infrastructure in the form of un-even, irregular nested rings. Each of these rings is defined by a short but thick wall to prevent the spreading of fires as well as to slow down any invasive actions. These rings are pierced with a web of roads and paths, intersecting fields and villages alike, weaving around hills and rivers in harmony with the land.  


Previously ruled by Kolokhov, the Soloveyko Republic declared independence via referendum in 11,891.
A few years after said independence was declared, a trade deal between the Aquillan Seas Trade Union and the Soloveyko Republic was proposed. This was rejected at the time by the then in power government who instead opted to seek out opportunities with members of the Trans-Continental Socialist Confederation. This was met with huge unrest from the people, major protests broke out across the nation and ultimately the reversal of such decision.
Though no formal agreement was made with the Aquillan Seas Trade Union nor the Trans-Continental Socialist Confederation, the government opted to instead seek out trade and agreements with individual countries instead.  

    Teritory war

    After The Republic's declaration of independence, Kolokhov lost a valuable source of food as well as strategically important geography. This weakened Kolokhov's defensive capabilities against those outside of the TCSC and meant they would have to spend vast amounts of money to import food from other sources to prevent such a loss from happening again.   This in turn led to economic strife within Kolokhov and the then leader of their government needed to do something. That something was initially, illegally and forcefully annexing a portion of the Soloveyko Republic's territory into Kolokhovian control. This gave Kolokhov back their valuable strategic geography but did not solve the food crisis.   To resolve the food crisis, another annexation would be attempted by Kolokhov backed by a much larger military force in an attempt to create a DMZ within the Soloveyko Republic, separating ASTU and TCSC territory as well as capturing the valuable resources and farms that Kolokhov so desperately needed.  
      An Aviation Legend
      The Spectres of Sloveyko, originally thought to be a single pilot flying a Blackguard (KV-37) fighter jet, the Spectres of Sloveyko where later revealed to be several pilots of a rogue wing utilising an old and abandoned airfield as a base of operation.
  With such a unique mix of tradition and future-thinking, these vibrant and hearty folk quickly made a name for themselves in the global political-economic space and are now eager to make agreements and treaties with both members and non-members of the Aquillan Seas Trade Union to further distance themselves from anything to do with Kolokhov and the Trans-Continental Socialist Confederation.  


With historical influences in culture from the Okse and Krass Dominions in addition to influence from their previous ruling power, the people of Soloveyko are one who strongly value their traditions as well as their new found freedoms to decide on their own future.
  Though most often found in regular, nondescript, modern clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, jumpers and the like, the people of Soloveyko, mostly the women, do still like to accent such outfits with vibrant embroidery and other nods to their historic culture. Meanwhile, the cultural impacts in mens clothing is more subtle but still present. Here, it is usually visible on the cuffs of sleeves, in leather work on a belt or inside the collar of a shirt.  

Major Exports

With vast swathes of open land in a temperate climate and a hard working population, the Soloveyko Republic quickly became one of the largest grain exporters around the globe, helping to feed billions of people.   The huge golden fields and rolling hills of Soloveyko are world renown for their beauty as well as novelty. Most nations have long since transitioned to more modern methods of agriculture such as vertical-farming and protein factories.
Iron & Steel
The Soloveyko Republic has developed a large Iron and Steel industry in relatively close relation to the nation's largest river that feeds into a bordering sea. Bars, rods and sheets of iron and steel are exported across the globe over the sea as well as through the bordering nations via cargo vehicles.   Whilst not the largest exporter of metals in the world, metal from the Republic is a great boon to many poorer nations as well as those nearby who do not have such vast natural resources and must instead rely on importing.
Thanks to the nation's two major industries, grain and metals (Iron and Steel especially), the Republic has also developed its own machinery industry in order to make harvesting and farming cheaper as well as more efficient. In addition, the machinery industry also has bolstered the efforts of the mining, metal refining and metal working industries.   The machines, parts and technical knowledge of the engineers here are sought after world-over for the creation of reliable, sturdy and price efficient machines and tools alike.


Thanks to the temperate climate of the Soloveyko Republic, there is a vast range of mammals and birds who call this region home.   Dolphins swim along its coastlines, beavers make dams in its rivers and bears stalk the mountain woods. Wolves, foxes and lynx prowl the snowy slopes and woodlands, hunting for smaller mammals like the hares, ferrets and mice who also call this nation home.
In the skies above, raptors also prey upon the small groundland mammals and all manner of smaller birds chirp in the woodlands and above people's homes.   Nature thrives in the traditional and vast nation of Soloveyko.
Soloveyko Republic.png
Flag of the Soloveyko Republic by Me (Fall)
Geopolitical, Country
Current Leader
Leonard Zenskyy
Places of note
Capital City - Kyrmy,
City - Valyiv,
City - Odepol,
All artwork that is not an original creation by myself (@Bladeswillfall) will be replaced in time with either original pieces or commissioned art.


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