MAGNA C-300 Camel

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This massive, 8x8, quad-axled cargo vehicle is designed with a large flat platform above the cockpit, wheels and driving mechanisms. This platform allows the Camel to carry a wide variety of heavy cargo across difficult terain at speed.  


The rationale behind having the cargo stored ontop of the vehicle instead of being dragged along behind it is two-fold; Firstly, storing the cargo ontop grants it grater protection from theives, wildife and any monstrosities that may besiege the vehicle. Secondly, the overhang alows for a multitude of weaponry and spotlights to be mounted underneath the cargo platform.   The cockpit of the Camel is situated between the front two wheels and an access area extends backwards from it beneath the over-head platform. Fitted with four powerful electric motors, one for each pair of wheels, the Camel can haul incredible weights of cargo.
There is an access point on either side between the front set of four wheels and the rear set, allowing easy access for crew. In addition to the side entrances, there are a couple of flush hatches in the floor of the over-head platform that permit the crew access to the top, from within the vehicle.   Beneath the cargo platform and between the 8 large wheels, behind the cockpit, a compact crew area fitted with a kitchen, table, toilet, shower, cargo space and 2 sets of bunk beds allow the crew to rotate shifts on long hauls.
The crew area also provides an acces route to maintenance areas of the vehicle, such as the power plant, batteries and cooling systems, to name a few.  



Typically, the Camel is used in convoy to transport heavy cargo between locations that do not have access to a train network or in situations where the cargo is too large to fit onboard said trains. The Camel is seldom seen without a heavily armed convoy protecting it along it's dangerous and lengthy journeys.   It's wide, protruding, flat top grants space for up to eight 40ft containers aranged in a 2x2x2 pattern, to be transported with a small ammount of room left for personel to move around and inbetween the cargo crates.  

Un-conventional uses

During such a devestating era for the people of Errack, it is no surprise that there have been several accounts of violent groups stealing this model of vehicle and converting it into a mobile fortress in a bid to survive outside of the walled cities amongst the wastelands.   In such cases, some of the stolen vehicles have been sighted with 2x2x3 stacks of 40ft crates. Some have been seen with additional constructions built off of the sides of the containers to offer more room, firing angles and just about anything else you can think of. One thing they do tend to have in common though, is lots, and lots, of chains, spikes, nets and all manner of weaponry to keep their home and mobile fortress safe.
Camel Concept by Negev1812
MAGNA Heavy Industries
25m (82ft)
8.5m (27ft 8in)
6.2m (20ft 3in)
Curb weight
250,000kg (551,155lb)
Carry weight
4x High-torque electric motors
Power output
750hp (559kW)
Torque output
2,618lb⋅ft (3,550N⋅m)
Top speed
65mph (104kph)
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