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Into the Void

The ancients will tell you, that the multiverse was created from the primal chaos, either by the gods or because it just needed to be. Personally I think the latter is more to be believed. They tell you about the primordials and how they tried to undo the making till this day. But what they won't tell you is the tale about the other side of non-creation. You see there was a balance even before the Verse and the gods. Between the ever changing chaos and what we call the void. No, it's true and shut your mouth youngling. It looks stupid and you will catch flies.   A shapeless, never stirring, never changing nothing that balanced the rage of the primal chaos. It could have been that way forever, well technically not, because time was something that came with the creation of the Verse, but anyway the making destroyed what was. While you are probably aware of the spawns that chaos sent into the multiverse with the will to battle all life the void couldn't do that. One can't create something from... nothing.   I can't claim to know what happend. No one can, but something did happen and something were created and is still present. Some say, when life touched the last of the void it changed to something that could exist in the new environment. Think about it... you can't destroy nothing, boy. How would something that didn't realy exist in the first place be undone?   That being, not quite a god, nor a primordial or like any other immortal traveled aimlessly through the planes undoing anything she touched. Not by any evil intend but by pure nature. See, there was still an emptiness inside her, something that could not be filled with anything she encountered on her way. Yes child, that is Vilyia. You probably heard from her. The one we call the void maiden. Are you scared? Good, that means you are a smart one. Did they tell you her story? I thought so... well listen up.   Look to the sky hatchling, the mortals believe that the dark path, is a hole in the sea of stars that something dark and dangerous lurks there. Well, they're not wrong. But if you listend what I just told you, you know better. You know it is her path that was left behind when she reached this place for the first time. I see the question in your eyes, boy. Every child that stood in your place had them. No, she wont destroy us, we are safe.   Did they tell you about the sun? No, it's not Cynarions beacon or such nonesense. That 'oh toothless one is the prime phoenix in all his glory. Don't stare, even our eyes can't withstand his raging light. Did you ever wondered why he raises at the end of Vilyas path? No? Foolish boy.   When she came to this place, and maybe it wasn't all that aimless as she thought, he was already here. His flames raging and devouring everything it touched. A being of pure chaos and rage, but so full of life itself while she had only emptiness and death inside her.   I like to imagine it was love of the first sight and I am in an age now where I can be forgiven for such foolishness. When they finally embraced each other it was not with the will to destroy, but to get whole. To create and finding a place in the multiverse. Since that day and yes that was long even before the old greyscale was born to this world, the two beings stayed together perfectly in balance protecting the greatest treasure of all. Inside her Between her darkness and his light, his fire and her empty void some new came into existence, the very plane that surrounds us and is home to our world. They had a child and they needed a secure place for it to hatch. Well, they will have a child. On the day this Multiverse ends, it will hatch and through him and the essence of chaos and void united the making can be done again.   Ha ha... child, there is no need to flutter so hastly. This world is old and it wont crack under your small steps, sit down again. Now comes the importent part.   You see the world they created and the child sealed within needed someone to take care for. Thats why they called us dragons into existence, we stand watch and try to prevent the mortals to do some real damage to our world. Like Bhaalgrom, yes. That were troubled times.   Isn't it beautiful, youngling? Every day Cynarion rises at the horizon and bring us new life, warmth and light. After a while Vilya covers the world with her soothing dark embrace, cooling it down again and let death have its toll to remain the balance. It will be like this until the end of times.   What do you mean? Other gods? There aren't.... oh child. Don't let them fool you. All the beings worshiped by the mortals are just aspects and reflections by Vilvya and Cynarion. Don't belive old greyscale? Well, what do you know about the so called Raven Queen? See? Her powers are darkness and cold and death. Does that remind you of something? Ha ha...   We dragons might be the only ones who are entrusted with the truth. It's safer that way. If someone would try to dap into the power of one of the two, without the limitations of an aspect... well thats why we are here, I guess. Fortunatly no one even tries to seek the truth these days and dragons are a mere myth to them. The mortals are just to busy with their short lifes and their endless struggle.   Thats enough for today, child. Go and do your choirs, we will speak again there is much to learn.

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